Choosing the right memory care community for your loved one can be a daunting task. Dementia affects everyone differently. This is why it’s important to find a skilled memory care community as unique as your loved one. From understanding the differences between assisted living and memory care to the combined experience of staff members, there are many reasons why you should choose Arbor Terrace Glenview in Chicago’s North Shore area.

Assisted Living vs. Memory Care

The first step to choosing a qualified memory care community is to understand what stage of dementia your loved one is in and what type of care they will need. Memory care is designed specifically for loved ones with memory loss or other age-related cognitive impairments. A general rule is when it is no longer safe for them to live alone, it may be time to consider memory care. 

Both assisted living and memory care offer support to those living with cognitive impairments. However, memory care is designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. Arbor Terrace Glenview offers both assisted living and memory care on Chicago’s north shore. Both will have skilled nursing staff, but memory care staff members have additional training and experience with dementia. 

Assisted living has many options for entertainment for residents. On the other hand, memory care will offer specialized activities that are designed to access different parts of the brain, like music therapy. Dementia-designed activities create an engaging environment that is less stressful for those with cognitive impairments.

Assisted living and memory care communities will both offer three meals per day in a social setting. Our Dining with Dignity® program will ensure that memory care residents can also socialize over a meal with a focus on keeping as much independence as possible. Residents in our memory care neighborhood will be given choices in their meal plans and adaptive utensils to ensure an enjoyable experience. 

Senior Living for Couples

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia can be life-changing for a couple, but senior living can still be a wonderful solution. One person can reside in the memory care neighborhood so they can receive the support they need, while the other partner can live in assisted living. The partner is welcome to visit their loved one in memory care as they please. This is a great option for the couple to have support from the community and receive caregiver education about the disease. 

Amenities and Services

Our memory care neighborhood was created, so those living with dementia are safe, comfortable, and engaged. From the design of our hallways and enclosed courtyards to our carefully planned programs and events, residents are given every opportunity to live life to the fullest and to feel their best. 

Outdoor Spaces

Feel the calmness of nature all around you. Our community offers outdoor spaces, gardens,  and walking paths that have easy access while still being safe options for enjoying the outdoors.


The Arbor Lifestyle

Enjoy maintenance-free living without chores, not to mention regular housekeeping, concierge services,  and scheduled transportation. All this, along with access to amenities like the on-site beauty salon, movie theater, sports lounge, and more, means more time building friendships and creating memorable moments and less mundane housework.

An Award-Winning Senior Living Community

Arbor Terrace Glenview is backed by The Arbor Company, with more than three decades in caring for seniors. Our trained staff members are dedicated team members who strive to connect with the residents on a deeper level. It’s because of their hard work we are an award-winning community. In addition to being celebrated as one of the top senior living communities in Glenview, Illinois, we’ve also been recognized by U.S. News & World Report Best Memory Care 2022-23 and a Certified Best Place to Work.  


Arbor Terrace Glenview provides a great option on Chicago’s North Shore for those living with dementia and needing a safe and engaging environment with the support of specialized trained staff. Please give us a call at 224-616-2422 to schedule a tour

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