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Making the decision to move to an assisted living community in Glenview and analyzing the cost can be overwhelming. The average cost of assisted living in Illinois is $4,488. While that might give you sticker shock, there are many services and amenities available compared to at home. It is a wonderful option for those looking to live in a community where 24/7 assistance is available, in addition to living around other seniors. Assisted living in Glenview offers a great combination of privacy and independence along with a variety of resources and professionals who are close by. The pros far outweigh the cost. Let’s look at a few factors.

Cost of Senior Living at Home vs an Assisted Living Community


Many believe that aging in place at home is less expensive than moving into a senior living community. Oftentimes, it can prove to be the opposite! In Glenview, the average cost of a private home health aide per hour is $30. Duties include helping with daily tasks such as laundry and preparing meals. These services must be paid by the hour, which can quickly add up. For seniors living in a senior living community, caregiver assistance is available 24/7. Average monthly costs for food, maintenance, and transportation while living at home can be very expensive, compared with the fixed cost of an assisted living community, which is one payment per month. Seniors also enjoy three meals per day in addition to snacks that are provided during activities and events. Transportation services such as going to doctor’s appointments are also included in the monthly fee. Wi-fi/internet access and utilities are also covered. 


A full activities calendar also gives moving into an assisted living community a huge edge over at-home care. It is essential that seniors are kept active and social, and there are always fun activities for them to do compared to having to look for things designed specifically for them at home. Sip and paints, fitness classes, and musical performances are just some of the programs that are always happening in a senior living community. These are also all included in the monthly fee, whereas you would have to pay for each activity at home.


Having trained staff on hand is also a priceless benefit to moving into a senior living community on Chicago’s North Shore. Not only do you have peace of mind that there is someone always there to help, but there is also a level of trust and care with professionals who truly want to make seniors feel special and cared for.


Online Cost Calculator


It’s easy to tally up numbers on paper or even using a smartphone, but now with technology one can use an interactive online cost calculator to get a more accurate picture of the cost of assisted living in Glenview, Illinois. Expenses are broken down into areas such as mortgage or rent, groceries, and transportation. You add each cost and go through the steps to compare your current expenses to what they would be when living in a community.


If you are looking for a more hands-on, luxury senior living environment with medical staff, award-winning Arbor Terrace Glenview provides excellent options in the areas of assisted living and memory care. Please give us a call at 224-616-2422 to schedule a tour!

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