Older adults across America are thriving and blossoming in senior living communities. Right here in the Chicagoland suburbs, seniors can enjoy the perks and benefits of independent living. If you’ve ever been curious about independent living, you may already know that these communities offer spacious apartments and socialization with friendly neighbors. However, these bustling communities may offer many more amenities than you even realized.

Here are just a few amazing additions that independent living communities can offer their residents. Remember, you are just a few phone calls and tours away from enjoying these perks yourself!

On-Site Rehabilitation Therapy Services

Exceptional independent living communities offer residents on-site therapy services, including physical and occupational therapy. This way, if your physician prescribes services, you won’t have to worry about dropping everything to fight traffic on your way to your regular appointments. Instead, you can work with your therapists right inside your community.

Wellness Services

In addition to therapy services, independent living communities also often offer on-site wellness services. From a nurse available to answer your questions or even help you communicate with your physician to visiting support services or resource fairs, wellness is the main focus of independent living communities.

Trips, Concerts, and Events

Socialization is a key feature of independent living communities, and exceptional communities have an event calendar to keep everyone informed of upcoming activities. Residents can enjoy live music and happy hours as well as history lectures from visiting experts. Even better, residents can enjoy seeing all the best parts of Chicago and its suburbs without worrying about traffic and parking; community trips include visits to local museums and restaurants, all transportation included.

Concierge Services

Independent living residents can take advantage of resort-style amenities such as concierge services. Just one quick call or visit to your community’s concierge can answer any questions you may have about your upcoming trips, how to schedule transportation, or where to purchase guest tickets for Sunday brunch. Concierge services can also take care of your deliveries and other details while you are away.

Personal Linen and Laundry Services

Independent living means having the option to stop managing your least favorite household tasks. Say goodbye to mowing the lawn and cleaning out your gutters. You can even say goodbye to worrying about your laundry. Communities often offer personal linen and laundry services to residents, which leaves more time for an active retirement.

Exceptional Dining

You may already know that independent living communities feature a restaurant-style dining room. However, you may not have known that the quality of the food served there is exceptional. Chefs work hard to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for residents throughout the day, including an extra-special brunch on Sundays.

Ready to Explore Your Options?

Does independent living sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, it is available to you right here in the Chicago suburbs. At Summit of Uptown, our community delights in serving seniors and providing them with access to the retirement they deserve and have always dreamed of. From our therapy services to our events to our dining room, residents can enjoy amenities that are designed to keep them feeling healthy and happy

To begin your search for a community that suits your needs and preferences, download our free guide: “Finding a Safe & Comfortable Senior Living Community.” You’ll discover tips from our experts on what to observe and ask for when touring communities, as well as what options to ask about as you plan for your future.

At Summit of Uptown, our team is ready to get to know more about you and your preferences. Call us today to schedule your personalized tour or to set up a time to enjoy a meal in our dining room. We would love to show you what makes our community exceptional and give you a sneak peek of the amenities our residents enjoy on a daily basis. 

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