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Have you found yourself wondering what senior living could look like for you? Many older adults have at least been curious about independent living or some additional support in assisted living. Even if you are active and quite independent, it is wise to think about your future and what type of support or assistance you may need in 1, 5, or 10 years.

When it comes to assisted living, seniors find their spacious apartments, decreased household tasks, and quick access to friendly caregivers to be the ideal lifestyle. Gone are the days of mowing the lawn or coordinating transportation to appointments, replaced with an active social calendar full of events to enjoy with friends, regular trips to run errands, and a dining room with delicious food prepared three times per day. Assisted living creates a healthy environment without the isolation and negative consequences that most seniors living at home have to endure.

A More Enjoyable Retirement

Assisted living provides the opportunity to sit back and enjoy retirement without the obligations of living at home alone or with a partner. Residents of assisted living communities have the chance to spend their free time learning something new, having a cup of coffee with a neighbor, walking in gardens throughout the property (that they don’t have to maintain), and doing anything else they please. With greater access to activities, and events designed with them in mind, residents can truly live their best retirement life.

Better Family Relationships

A study published in Innovation in Aging notes the positive impact of intergenerational family relationships on well-being for everyone involved. However, stress caused by transitions into caregiving roles can lead to relationship strain and feelings of frustration or anxiety for the senior and the family caregiver. When an older adult chooses assisted living, they do not have to rely on family members as caregivers. Instead, relationships remain intact and add to the health of everyone.

More Freedom and Independence

It may sound counterintuitive that moving to an assisted living community that features more support could add to an environment of freedom and independence, but it’s true! Seniors who live at home alone or with a partner can feel socially isolated, and may not be able to travel or participate in activities outside the home as often as they would like. Assisted living residents enjoy the freedom to make choices throughout the day and to take part in programs, trips, and events without worrying about planning or executing the event.

Similarly, when an assisted living resident receives the extra support they need to stay healthy, they are able to focus on their own wellness, strength, and endurance. Assisted living communities are designed to promote independence, giving residents the chance to live in an environment that’s tailor-made to keep them as healthy as possible.


An assisted living lifestyle is not out of reach for many older adults. In fact, assisted living fees can be even more affordable than owning a single-family home

Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of living in an assisted living community is the peace of mind it brings. Communities offer safety and security, as well as quick access to caregivers during emergency situations (and throughout the rest of the day as well).

Continuum of Care

At Summit of Uptown, we aim to serve every senior, no matter their needs or challenges. Our community offers a continuum of care, which means we offer three levels of care right within our walls: independent living, assisted living, and memory care. This way, we are able to give every resident the support they need to remain healthy and happy for the duration of their retirement years.

Fortunately, seniors who call Summit of Uptown home do not have to arrive fully independent and live in our independent living community first. Our family is always growing, and we assess each new resident to see which level of care could be best for them now, and in the future. We are ready to serve our residents as their needs shift and change.

Schedule a tour of Summit of Uptown and see our levels of care in action. Whether you’re seeking independent living, assisted living, or memory care, we are here to make your retirement years some of your best.

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