Looking for Dementia Care in Morris County, NJ? Here’s What You Should Know

Morris County, NJ, blends the best of suburban and rural living. Situated among rolling hills, clear lakes, and endless trees, it offers plenty of natural beauty. As a suburb of New York, with easy access to the best areas of Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and the rest of the state of New Jersey, it’s also a great option for seniors who relish the fine dining, exceptional shopping, and the bustle of city life. If your loved one struggles with dementia, it’s easy to miss the best features of Morris County, NJ. Your loved one might feel uncertain about the future and unable to live out the retirement of their dreams. You may feel overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving. Caregiver stress can even damage your health.

Dementia care supports your loved one’s efforts to remain active and engaged, meet new people, and embrace new hobbies, while keeping them safe. If you’re considering dementia care in Morris County, NJ, here’s what you should know.

Dementia Care Supports Good Health

As dementia progresses, it affects virtually every aspect of functioning. You may find yourself spending so much time supporting your loved one with daily care tasks—i.e., bathing, grooming, eating—that you’re left with no time to help them exercise and remain physically active. Dementia care offers 24/7 support, helping your loved one with daily tasks while also creating an environment that encourages physical activity and healthy eating. This can improve your loved one’s health, reducing their risk of chronic ailments and pain.

Your Loved One May Become Happier and More Engaged

No matter how devoted you are, you are only one person. You cannot supervise your loved one all day every day, which means that you can’t provide the same level of engagement a dementia care community offers. In the right community, your loved one will get lots of socialization, as well as activities tailored to their needs and ability levels. This can improve quality of life, which may reduce problem behaviors like wandering and aggression.

You’ll Get the Break You Deserve

It’s easy to feel guilty about all you can’t do as a caregiver. The truth, though, is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. Everyone deserves a break, some time to themselves, and a chance to enjoy their own life. Your loved one’s dementia does not rob you of the right to have a life of your own. Dementia care gives you a break so you can rediscover yourself, your spouse, or your children. You’ll feel healthier and more refreshed. That can make it easier to support your loved one, and may even improve your relationship with them by reducing the presence of emotions such as shame, guilt, frustration, and resentment.

Dementia Care Is a Good Value

The price tag for dementia care can feel overwhelming at first—until you consider the value you get in return. Dementia care offers everything under one roof, from daily support and food to a beautiful home. Over time, this can save you money, especially if you get help from Medicaid or a long-term care policy. Even if paying for dementia care stretches your budget a bit, the improvements in your loved one’s health and quality of life, as well as the increase in family harmony, are worth it. Your family deserves happiness, joy, and less stress.

The Community You Choose Matters

While any good dementia care community can help your family better navigate the challenges of dementia, no two communities are exactly alike. It’s important to choose a community that’s consistent with your family’s values, and that offers activities your loved one will enjoy. Spend some time touring each community. Ask about what a day would look like for your loved one, and observe residents to see how they are doing. At quality communities, residents are happy and engaged—even when they have serious cognitive deficits. The staff at this community should be patient and gentle, and should demonstrate true care for its residents.

Arbor Terrace Morris Plains can help restore balance to your life, empower your loved one to become more active, and alleviate the family stress that inevitably comes with caregiving. Dementia is tough, but it doesn’t have to leave your loved one feeling lonely, bored, or anxious. Let us help you craft a dementia care plan that works for your family. Give us a call today to learn more!

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Mary Beth Kane

About the Author: Mary Beth Kane

Mary Beth began her career as a therapeutic recreation specialist developing award winning activity-based programs for people living with dementia and their care partners. Since 2004, she has worked in assisted living communities where she strengthened ties within the professional community and helped families find the right senior living communities for their loved one. Mary Beth has been a care partner for both her parents and brings the joys and challenges of these years to her work on a daily basis.

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