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If you have a chronic medical condition but still want to remain as independent as possible, you might think that aging in place offers you the best chance at a good life. The truth is that assisted living may offer you the retirement you want, the help you need, and a price you can afford. Don’t believe it? Check out these benefits of assisted living in Morris County.

Better Support for Your Health

Assisted living offers comprehensive support to keep you safe and healthy, including: 

  • Gourmet meals tailored to your specific dietary needs. Forget grocery shopping and endless meal prep. You can eat healthy without much effort and without compromising on taste.
  • Plenty of opportunities for exercise to nurture your body and mind.
  • Activities tailored to every taste and preference, so you can remain socially and intellectually active.
  • Help when you need it, without ever intruding on your privacy.
  • Housekeeping services so you can spend your time improving your health and living life on your terms.
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing someone will always be there to help if you have an emergency.
  • A lower risk of falling and other injuries.

Safety and Peace of Mind

No matter how much you love your home, if you need daily help or have chronic health issues, there may be a nagging voice in the back of your mind triggering your anxiety. You may worry about what would happen if you fell, had a medical emergency, or otherwise needed help. Assisted living offers safety and support without intruding on your independence. Your spouse can even live with you.

Reduced Caregiver Burnout and Family Conflict

Let’s face it: Aging isn’t always easy. Your children may have significantly different ideas about your retirement than you do. If you rely on them for care, you may worry about caregiver burnout, or what might happen if your needs change. Your family may fight over your care or try to make decisions without including you. Assisted living restores a sense of balance, empowering you to enjoy your relationships without the specter of caregiving looming large.

A Happier Retirement

You’ve worked hard your entire life. Don’t you deserve a little joy and leisure? If you struggle with your health, you may have trouble finding daily activities — especially affordable ones. If you no longer drive, you may feel isolated. Assisted living can fix this. You’ll get:

  • Housekeeping for a beautiful home that you’ll be proud to have people visit.
  • Activities you can do every day, including special events your family can attend.
  • Plenty of opportunities for outings and field trips.
  • Access to community amenities.

Better Socialization

Relationships matter. They give our life meaning. Loneliness is not a mere inconvenience. It is devastating and potentially deadly. Yet connecting with loved ones when you live at home can prove difficult, particularly if you live in an isolated area or no longer drive. In the right assisted living community, you’ll start meeting like-minded seniors right away. Enjoy a meal in a posh dining room and chat up a friendly stranger. Your new home can also be the launchpad for a lifelong friendship.

A Second Chance at Achieving Retirement Dreams

If you need help with activities of daily living, you might feel like your body has failed you. You may worry that your retirement dreams are off the table. That doesn’t have to be the case.

Aging means that sometimes your body doesn’t live up to your mind’s expectations. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a spectacular retirement. For help exploring your options, download our free guide, “The Complete Guide to Assisted Living.”

Download our comprehensive guide to learn more about assisted living today!

Mary Beth Kane

About the Author: Mary Beth Kane

Mary Beth began her career as a therapeutic recreation specialist developing award winning activity-based programs for people living with dementia and their care partners. Since 2004, she has worked in assisted living communities where she strengthened ties within the professional community and helped families find the right senior living communities for their loved one. Mary Beth has been a care partner for both her parents and brings the joys and challenges of these years to her work on a daily basis.

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