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18 Dementia Care Resources Near Philadelphia

In 2018, 280,000 Pennsylvanians had dementia. By 2025, that figure is projected to be 325,000. If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia in or around Philadelphia, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The average family caregiver provides more than 24 hours of unpaid care each week—the equivalent of a part-time job. That commitment can take you away from your family, sideline your career, and leave you feeling exhausted and demoralized.

The following resources can help you get a break, make important decisions, and better understand your loved one’s care needs.

Financial and Legal Support

Caregiving can be expensive. Nationwide, the total value of unpaid caregiving is nearly $500 billion. The right legal and financial assistance can help you use your resources wisely, preserve your loved one’s estate, and more. Check out these options:

Caregiver Support

No one can do it all alone. Support from caregivers who have been there can help you gain new perspectives, access resources you didn’t know about, and feel less alone. Check out the following support resources:

Activities and Active Aging

Dementia doesn’t have to mean your loved one spends the rest of their life in their house. They can still lead an active, enjoyable life. The following resources can support that goal:

Finding Senior Care

Quality senior care can be a lifeline for exhausted caregivers and the seniors they love. For help finding the perfect care option for your family, try these links:

Residential senior care, including dementia care, offers your loved one a safe, beautiful home, assistance when they need it, a wide range of activities, gourmet meals, and the dignity of aging safely and comfortably. The Arbor Company’s unparalleled experience ensures that every resident gets exceptional care and a meaningful retirement. Don’t let dementia steal your family’s joy. We can help caregivers and seniors lead better lives. Contact us today to learn more.

Jackie Fix

About the Author: Jackie Fix

Jackie has been working in the field of senior living for more than 15 years. As an Executive Director for the past twelve years, Jackie has found her most important role is building a community network that provides opportunities and encourages residents to live their best lives. Ensuring the team feels engaged and equipped to provide outstanding service has led to memorable and meaningful experiences with residents, families, and friends throughout the years. Jackie is a Certified Assisted Living Administrator and a participating member of both the New Jersey Health Care Association and the Tri-County Ethics Committee. An empty-nester, Jackie also enjoys hiking, gardening, and visits with her grandchildren.

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