I like Arbor. I feel warm & comfortable here. My daughter really liked the people and told me that I would too. She was right, I liked Arbor from my first visit. I love everyone I have met here so far. They are nice to be with and make me feel warm & comfortable. This is just so special, this is where I want to be. I love it here, I really do. I can’t wait to move in to Arbor.

Rita M.

Arbor Terrace has been wonderful. My dad is very happy. Everything is really well put together. Your loved one will feel better here, and even though it isn't living at home, it feels great. The staff and care are excellent. They keep my dad engaged in activities. They send me emails with pictures and updates, and before I get a chance to respond, they call me. They keep me constantly informed. Every time I have been there to visit, my dad is clean, which is so important as well. The staff are just so on top of it with everything. It gives me peace of mind and a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Gary W.

Arbor Terrace Mount Laurel has been fantastic in every way. My dad moved there in January. It is a difficult move from living in your own home to moving to a new environment of independent/assisted living. We looked at a lot of places and couldn’t be happier with Arbor Terrace Mt Laurel. It is clean, welcoming, friendly and more like a home environment