As our dearest ones age, conversations about their changing needs, especially when it comes to memory care, can be emotionally challenging. The good news is that Mount Laurel, NJ, offers an abundance of memory care options designed to provide expert support as well as greatly enhance the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Approaching the topic with sensitivity and empathy is crucial to ensuring acceptance and a smooth transition. Next, we’ll share valuable insights courtesy of our caregiving experts on how to talk to your loved one about the prospect of joining a memory care community in Mount Laurel, NJ.  

Educate Yourself First

Before initiating the conversation with family, educate yourself about the top memory care options available in Mount Laurel, NJ. Understanding the core values, testimonials involving care quality, services and activities offered will empower you to address all of your loved one’s questions with confidence.  

Choose the Right Time and Place

As with any difficult topic, it’s best not to bring it up when tensions are high. Find a quiet, comfortable setting where you can have uninterrupted conversation and also when your loved one feels most at ease. Ensure that both of you are relaxed and open to the discussion. If the senior in your life becomes automatically defensive when the topic is presented, never push or force it forward. Instead, lead with kindness and ensure they know everything you consider for their care and quality of life comes from a place of deep love. 

Share Specific Observations

This part of the conversation involves providing specific examples of behaviors or incidents that have raised your concerns for their safety and wellbeing. Maybe there was an incident where you caught your loved one wandering towards danger, or maybe there was a fall that took place in the home. Be factual and, again, non-confrontational, instead choosing to emphasize your desire for them to receive the best possible care and support. You might not be there the next time a life-threatening accident occurs, and that’s a critical issue for both of you to consider. 

Highlight the Benefits of Memory Care

Be sure to emphasize the positive aspects of memory care based on your careful research, such as specialized activities provided by trained physical therapists, a packed social events calendar, a safe and open environment featuring large print signs and 24/7 medical and professional support. Illustrate how these benefits within a top memory care community in Mount Laurel, NJ, can greatly increase their longevity as well as boost their vitality. 

Involve Everyone in the Decision-Making

Include your loved ones  in the decision-making process as much as possible. Ask for their preference of where to live within a community, what hobbies to take part in and involve them in selecting their favorite care options in Mount Laurel, NJ, based on their precise needs. This level of participation will foster a sense of control and comfort on their end and peace of mind on yours. 

Address Fears and Misconceptions

Understand that your loved one may have fears or misconceptions about memory care, which is why it’s important to consult current residents of your chosen community, receive testimonials, review care plans thoroughly and address any concerns openly with caregivers. By walking through all of these steps patiently, providing accurate information and debunking myths, your loved one will feel their anxiety melt away and rest assured they are receiving the utmost care and kindness. 

Visit Memory Care Communities Together

Part of the step of consulting current residents and carefully reviewing care plans is taking the time to visit and tour these top Mount Laurel, NJ, communities together. Allow your loved one to fully experience the environment, enjoy a meal, meet staff and participate in some of the activities at the communities being considered. This firsthand experience can make the transition much more comfortable. Who knows, they may have a handful of new friends before they even move in!

Seek Professional Guidance and Counseling

If needed, involve healthcare professionals, social workers or counselors to foster a comfortable transition for the senior in your life. Their years of expertise and knowledge can provide additional guidance and comfort during this emotional process. Remember that both you and your loved one’s peace of mind always comes first! 

When it comes to preparing those with memory related conditions and their families for a fulfilling life free from stress and maintenance, our caregiving team members within Arbor Terrace Mount Laurel are there every step of the way, from memory care consideration to transition and beyond. With patience, empathy and open communication, we firmly believe you and the senior in your life can navigate this transition together, ensuring you receive peace of mind and your loved one receives the comfortable life they deserve. 

For more information, our team has curated The Caregiver’s Complete Guide to Alzhiemer’s and Dementia Care so that you can feel confident in finding the right memory care option that checks all the boxes.

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