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seniors in Asheville Leadership Asheville Forum: How Seniors in Asheville Can Get Involved

Locals and visitors alike know that there is much to love about Asheville — in fact, many visitors become locals sooner or later! Between the mountains, the craft food and drink industry, historic sites like the Biltmore, and the sense of camaraderie among residents, there is something for everyone.

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Dining, Dining Options Dining Options at Our Senior Living Community

For most of us, mealtime is about more than simply nourishing our bodies. Meals are often social and cultural events. Paul Fieldhouse, writing for the Vanier Institute of the Family, puts it this way: “Across cultures and time, food sharing is an almost universal medium for expressing fellowship ... The shared meal is an opportunity not only to eat, but also to talk, to create and strengthen bonds of attachment and friendship, to teach and learn.”

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Families & Caregivers, Family Activities, Health & Safety 6 Ways to Stay Connected When You Can't Visit

The coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on our daily lives. Although it is inspiring to see each other maintaining social distancing as much as possible for the common good, many are feeling negative impacts, such as loneliness and isolation. These feelings can be especially damaging for older adults.

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Senior Activities 5 Ideas for Seniors To Celebrate Valentine's Day in Asheville, NC

The weather may be a little warmer than we’re used to for February in North Carolina, but signs of midwinter still abound: The trees are bare, the nights are long, and it’s just not quite nice enough to spend time outdoors enjoying the mountain views. But February also means Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and the holiday is a great excuse to shake off the winter blues and share some warmth with those you love. If you’re having trouble deciding how to spend Valentine’s Day in Asheville, this post is for you! Read on for some of our top ideas for how to celebrate with your senior loved one.

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