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Senior-Friendly Summer Tips

Asheville saw some surprisingly cool weather in early May, but we’re not fooled; summer is coming, and fast. Summer 2020 will likely look a little different than expected, with less travel and fewer big events. But there’s still plenty of fun in the sun to be had! Read on for our senior-friendly summer tips. 

Stay Hydrated

Yes, this advice is frequently given, not just for seniors and not just for summer. But it’s common because it’s important! You should drink plenty of water year-round, but particularly during summer months; as temperatures rise, so do the chances of becoming dehydrated as we sweat and our bodies lose fluid faster than during colder months.

And this summer tip is especially critical for seniors because they tend to be at greater risk for heatstroke and heat exhaustion than younger generations are. As you enjoy the activities suggested below, make sure to take water with you — along with sunscreen, of course!

Be a Tourist

Most years, tourists flock to Asheville during the summer to enjoy the relatively cool temperatures and the mountain views. Out-of-town visitors may be less abundant this summer, which makes it the perfect time for you to play tourist in your hometown!

Keep an eye on your favorite local breweries, restaurants, and farmers markets to find out when you can safely visit them again. In the meantime, check out Virtual Asheville, a community effort to bring the sights of the city to you at home. This is a great time to explore other parts of the state that are offering similar opportunities. Take a virtual trip to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro or watch an Outer Banks sunrise.

Connect with Nature

There are plenty of senior-friendly outdoor activities to explore this summer. Go fishing or take a leisurely hike with a spouse or a grandchild. Gardening is a great way to boost your vitamin D and relieve stress while creating something beautiful — or something delicious! Already have a thriving garden? Organize a garden tea party.

If you’re wondering if and when you can check out Asheville’s outdoor sights, such as the Biltmore gardens or the Blue Ridge Parkway, Romantic Asheville has a list of updates on local openings and schedules.

Indulge in Air Conditioning

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the great indoors as the weather gets hotter! Visit an indoor pool and swim at your own pace or consider a class like the YWCA’s SilverSplash. If the beach is too far away or simply too sandy, enjoy a beach read in your comfiest chair instead; you could even get some friends involved and make it a book club.

Family and friends who aren’t local and can’t travel can still join in the discussion via video with Zoom or Google Hangouts. If a book club feels too structured, consider hosting an ice cream social instead.

Take It Easy

It’s easy to feel pressure during the summer to take advantage of every opportunity, even in years without a COVID-19 pandemic. But as restrictions lift and you and your loved ones want to make up for lost time together, remember not to push yourself! Choose one or two of these summer tips to explore at a time. There are plenty of ways to be social and have fun this summer without incurring risks such as heat exhaustion. And don’t feel like you have to plan and host all of your own activities! Many Asheville organizations and communities, including Arbor Terrace of Asheville, will have outings and events throughout the summer.

If you’d like other suggestions for summer fun or are interested in joining us at Arbor Terrace of Asheville for some of our community events, give us a call at 904-637-1559. We’d be happy to help you and your family beat the heat this summer!

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