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Asheville, NC, with its scenic beauty, fresh, mountain air and vibrant community, offers an array of senior living options. When embarking on your journey of selecting the perfect assisted living community in Asheville for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to book a comprehensive tour of the ones that made it to the top of your list. In this blog, we'll cover what to look for during these visits and the thought-provoking questions to ask that will give you confidence and peace of mind in your choice.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

That intuition or gut-feeling has carried you through many important decisions in your life and now it’s important to rely on it for choosing a top-tier assisted living community in Asheville, NC. As you tour, consider the ambiance when you walk through the doors for the first time. Are caregivers and residents smiling and enjoying meaningful interactions with one another? Genuine care and friendliness are key indicators of a strong community. Does the environment give you that warm and inviting feeling as you stroll the grounds? 

Care Services

Touring your ideal assisted living community will help you understand the range of services provided. Personalized plans are essential for addressing specific needs, such as modifications to daily living or dietary restrictions. This is also the perfect time to inquire about the training of caregivers to accommodate various care needs and ensure skilled professionals are available 24/7 for medical assistance and support.

Safety Measures

Safety protocols are the foundation of a top memory care community in Asheville, NC. When touring top communities, evaluate the safety measures in place, including emergency response systems and secure entry/exit points where there is no risk of residents wandering towards danger, a common concern for those with memory related conditions. Modifications should also be readily made to apartments when new needs or complications arise for residents.  

Living Spaces

It’s important to consider where within the Ashville, NC assisted living community you will be residing. Are there different apartments available that are tailored to your precise memory care needs? The core requirements of safety, comfort and accessibility should be met throughout every living space and hallways should be wide and accommodating with large-print signage so residents never lose their way.

Outdoor Spaces

Don’t be shy - take a stroll through the grounds and see for yourself why the community is beloved by residents. Asheville, NC is known for its natural, mountain landscape. Is that reflected throughout the outdoor spaces? Are there lovely gardens, terraces and pathways to enjoy an eventful and active lifestyle? While not the most important consideration, having a picturesque landscape available right outside your door does make life more vibrant and healthy. 

Dining Experiences

Now comes the fun part - sampling the cuisine and menus of your potential assisted living community in Asheville, NC. Nutritious and delicious meals are crucial for top mind and body performance. In the community you are touring, are the dining options diverse and accommodating to any dietary restrictions? Additionally, don’t forget to assess the dining environment, which should be comfortable and provide the opportunity to be sociable with friends and neighbors.

Activity Programs

Your best years are about living an active and exciting lifestyle, so the memory care communities in Asheville, NC should offer precisely that. Inquire about the variety of entertainment and exercise options offered and ask to see the community calendar, which should be packed with a diverse range of activities that cater to all mobility levels. This ensures mental and social engagement as well as vibrancy of the community. It may be a good idea to attend one of these activities or events in person to witness the resident participation and overall community spirit. 

Family Involvement and Feedback

Last but certainly not least, resident and family involvement in the care and decision-making process is critical for a fulfilling lifestyle in memory care. Learn about the involvement of families as well as if there are regular updates and meetings to enhance transparency. Residents should also be able to make community-based decisions and be encouraged to provide feedback on dining, events and more activities. 

Selecting an assisted living community in Asheville, NC is a significant decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. A thorough tour of the apartments and grounds while considering the above aspects will empower you and your loved ones to make an informed choice. 
Our thoughtful caregiving team at Arbor Terrace of Asheville put together a free resource you don’t want to miss, The Complete Guide to Assisted Living. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find the differences between assisted living and other types of care as well as the cost of assisted living, finding the perfect community to meet every need and how to ensure a smooth transition into the retirement of your dreams. 

Your most fulfilling years await, so what are you waiting for? Book your tour of Arbor Terrace of Asheville today!

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