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Activities for Seniors How Seniors Can Stay Active in West Chester, PA

Staying active is important as you age. Regular exercise and movement can increase range of motion and strength. Healthy socialization with peers can also lead to decreased depression for older adults. Fortunately, there are plenty of active seniors in West Chester, Pennsylvania, to move with, chat with, and age gracefully with! Here are a few ideas to get you moving and keep you active in the West Chester area.

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Assisted living, Personal Care Home 8 FAQs on Personal Care Homes in Pennsylvania

Personal care homes in Pennsylvania offer supportive care toward helping seniors perform daily tasks such as grooming, cooking, and getting dressed. They also provide a rich variety of activities, social opportunities, classes, and special events geared toward keeping seniors active, happy, and healthy. If you’re considering moving your loved one to a personal care home (PCH), here’s what you need to know.

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Senior living Is My Loved One Ready for Senior Living?

As your parent or loved one ages, you might find yourself taking a more active role in their healthcare plans. Many family caregivers feel overwhelmed as they become responsible for coordinating care, scheduling follow-up physician appointments, or refilling prescriptions at the pharmacy on behalf of their loved one. Fortunately, senior living communities can provide the additional assistance your loved one needs, giving you the opportunity to put down some of those caregiving responsibilities and once again focus on your relationship. Everyone’s senior living journey is unique. However, there are a few signs that could point to senior living being the best option for your loved one’s safety, well-being, and happiness. Here are a few things to look for.

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Personal Care What Are the Benefits of Personal Care?

If you or a loved one is considering making the move to a personal care community, you’re likely weighing the benefits against the downsides. Moving out of a home where you may have watched your children grow up or reached great heights in your career can be difficult. But if you take a look at everything you gain by joining a personal care community, you might find that the scales are heavily tipped in its favor.

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Dementia, Dementia Care, Dementia Care FAQs 5 FAQs About Dementia Care in West Chester, PA | Arbor Company

It can be extremely difficult to accept the news that you or a loved one has dementia. And to make matters even more overwhelming, you now have to make some hard decisions about what kind of care is going to be best for your situation. Fortunately for residents of West Chester, the borough offers a variety of high-quality options for those in need of dementia care. In order to help you sift through the seemingly endless possibilities, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about dementia care in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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Senior care What To Know About Senior Care Near Philadelphia

Philly ranks among America’s best cities for retirement. Rising home values, a vibrant cultural life, endless museums, a temperate climate, and deep connections to our nation’s history are enticing more and more seniors to make Philadelphia home. Philadelphia senior care supports seniors of all ages and ability levels in their efforts to enjoy life in this unique city while remaining as healthy and independent as possible. If you're considering a transition to senior care, here’s what you need to know. 

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Community News, Willistown NFL Kickoff in Memory of Beloved Resident

Arbor Terrace Willistown residents and staff recently participated in a National Football League season kickoff event, as only football fans in Philly could do it. Donned in their favorite team jerseys and hats, the staff hosted NFL trivia, while the residents enjoyed tailgate snacks and joined in the Philadelphia Eagles fight song.

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Community News, Willistown Soothing Music for Their Souls

A typical day sitting on the patio or balcony for residents of Arbor Terrace Willistown turned into a mega theater concert experience one afternoon in mid-August. In the rear patio area of the community, the musical sounds of piano player and vocalist Tom Horn could be heard from residents’ apartment windows, patios and balconies during a socially distanced version of the community’s monthly summer concert series. 

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Resident author publishes his third book at age 98

It’s never too late to take on another challenge. Just ask Arbor Terrace Willistown resident Glenn Ricketts. His second book, Are Buffalo Really That Flatulent? And Other Tomes of Wisdom was just published in May by Outskirts Press. The book is a collection of short stories and musings about family lore, the universe, history and mythology, as well as Ricketts’ reminisces from World War II. (Ricketts served in the U.S. Army in the European theater at the end and just after the war.) Plus, he threw in a few favorite recipes for good measure. Humorous “reviews” on the book’s back cover offered words of lavish praise from Isaac Asimov (“Mind-bending!”), Douglas MacArthur (“A direct hit!) and Shakespeare (“A classic!”) This is the third book authored by Ricketts, who turns 99 in July. He was excited to sign his first copy for Arbor team members! The book is available from Amazon in paperback, hardcover and Kindle editions.

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Community News Arbor Terrace Willistown Resident Glenn Ricketts: Veteran Recalls Europe in the Aftermath of WWII

Earlier this month, people around the world observed the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (V-E) Day, the end of World War II in the European theater.  Glenn Ricketts was there, having served in Berlin, Germany, and Czechoslovakia shortly after the war ended. 

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