Personal care benefits for Seniors

If you or a loved one is considering making the move to a personal care community, you’re likely weighing the benefits against the downsides. Moving out of a home where you may have watched your children grow up or reached great heights in your career can be difficult. But if you take a look at everything you gain by joining a personal care community, you might find that the scales are heavily tipped in its favor.

What you perhaps lose in sentimental value, you gain in the form of high-quality care, safe and comfortable living spaces, and a built-in community of peers. Here are just seven benefits of personal care: 

Round-the-Clock Professional Staff

If you’ve found living independently challenging and could benefit from help with a few basic daily activities, a personal care community might be a great solution for you. Personal care communities are staffed by experienced professionals who are there to assist you night and day. When you live alone, you may experience anxiety over what might happen if you fall or experience a heart attack, but if you live in a personal care community, you are never more than a few minutes away from the help you need.    

Maximum Independence

Personal care communities can provide the exact level of care that you want and need, which means you can maintain maximum independence while preserving your health and safety. Whether you need assistance taking medications and preparing meals or help bathing and getting around town, the staff can adjust to your needs and leave the rest to you. Most communities offer transportation services to popular local destinations, giving you freedom of movement, even if you no longer drive. 

Clean and Comfortable Living Space

Maintaining a home is a great deal of work for anyone, but it’s especially difficult if you’ve been dealing with mobility issues. When you move into a personal care community, you will have all the perks of living in your own apartment, without most of the hard work that comes with home cleaning and maintenance. Personal care communities offer a variety of floor plans that are designed to meet your unique needs and provide comfort, luxury, and convenience. 

An Engaging Social Life

Living alone can be incredibly lonely and isolating. Perhaps the biggest benefit of moving into a personal care community is the built-in social life it can offer. Most personal care communities have events and activities calendars, with options ranging from art and history classes to yoga and outings at area restaurants and attractions. Having the opportunity to learn a new skill or chat with a neighbor over breakfast can make an ordinary day much more interesting. Plus, research shows that warding off loneliness can be good for your health.     

Gourmet, Restaurant-Style Dining

Grocery shopping and preparing all your own meals can become a chore after a while. The best personal care communities offer gourmet, restaurant-style dining, with meals made by chefs who can easily tailor their offerings to suit your tastes and dietary restrictions. Depending on your mood, you can enjoy your meals in your apartment, in outdoor spaces, or in the company of other residents. 

Customized Wellness Programs

Another great thing about personal care communities is that many of them offer customized wellness programs to help you live well as you age. Wellness programs can help you keep up with medication or disease management, and supervising licensed nurses can answer any of your health-related questions.   

Peace of Mind for Your Loved Ones

If you are living on your own and struggling to manage everything, your loved ones are probably at least a little worried about you. Personal care communities can provide 24-hour care to residents in case of any medical emergencies, which means peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. 

And though many family members are more than happy to care for their loved ones as they age, taking care of a parent on top of everything else can drain your physical and emotional reserves. It can also shift the balance of the relationship. Some seniors may feel guilty or embarrassed about leaning too heavily on their family members, leading to frustration on both sides. Personal care communities manage all of your essential needs, allowing you to savor every moment you and your friends and family spend doing the things you enjoy most. 

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