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With plenty of state parks, a thriving downtown commercial district, farmer’s markets suited to every taste, and easy access to nearby Greenville, more seniors are choosing to spend their golden years in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Fifteen percent of the population is over 65, which means active seniors have plenty of opportunities to make new friends. The right assisted living in Spartanburg, SC can further expand opportunities for an active, fulfilling life.

If you’re ready to explore assisted living options in Spartanburg, SC, for yourself or someone you love, here’s how to choose a community that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Identify Your Needs

Most seniors move into an assisted living community because they need a break from the stress of home maintenance, health fears, and isolation. The right assisted living community offers far more than just stress relief. Assisted living can provide access to a ready-made community of like-minded peers, to classes that sharpen your mind and strengthen your body, and to transportation that helps you access all that makes Spartanburg great.

The best communities offer a wide range of options, catering to the needs of diverse seniors of virtually every background. At Eden Terrace of Spartanburg, that’s exactly what we do. We offer “just right” support that empowers seniors to continue living as independently as possible while continuing to learn, grow, and be engaged in their community.

No two seniors share the same needs. So when choosing assisted living, don’t rely solely on marketing materials or the word of a friend. Consider your needs and goals. Try asking the following questions:

  • How much support do I need, and what do I want that support to look like?
  • Do I have any anxieties about assisted living? What might help ease them?
  • What are my goals for the next chapter of my life?
  • What amenities are most important to me?
  • What is most stressful to me about my life right now? What do I need to alleviate that stress?
  • What does my ideal living arrangement look like?
  • What are three things that I want to be able to do more easily?
  • Do I want to live in Spartanburg? What attractions do I most want to take advantage of, and how can an assisted living facility help me?

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Establish a Budget

The right senior living community might actually help you save money. After all, you’ll no longer be paying to maintain your yard, your car, and your aging roof. Because entertainment is readily available, you might spend less on classes and social outings. You might also find that ready-made meals save you money—not to mention the time you once spent cooking.

As you begin exploring the costs of various assisted living options, compare the cost of the community to your total monthly budget—not just to your housing budget. Senior living communities include many of the expenses you once paid separately, such as entertainment and food. To determine if a community falls into your budget, simply tally up any expenses you’ll still be paying—such as life or health insurance—and then deduct them from your monthly budget. This figure is how much you can afford to spend monthly on assisted living.

Don’t forget that some benefit programs cover all or a portion of assisted living. For example, many long-term care insurance policies cover assisted living. Medicare doesn’t cover the costs of assisted living, but some state Medicaid programs will.


Know What Makes a Great Assisted Living Community

Ultimately, an assisted living community is great because it gives its residents what they want. For some, this might be excellent and nutritious meals. Others might be thrilled by a packed roster of classes and social outings. No matter what residents value, however, excellent assisted living communities share some things in common. Those include:

  • An environment that feels safe but that preserves independence.
  • Comfortable living spaces.
  • Committed, caring staff who are responsive to questions and concerns.
  • A range of services that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Access to opportunities to continue growing and learning, including classes, transportation to the local community, and plenty of opportunities to socialize.
  • A good cultural fit. Do the staff, residents, and activity offerings suit your personality and values?

Tour the Community

After you’ve researched a few assisted living communities, make a list of two or three that most appeal to you. Then take a tour. A tour offers more information than a brochure or website. It allows you to see what life looks and feels like and possibly to meet other residents.

During the tour, picture yourself living in the community. Does it feel comfortable? Is it a good cultural fit? Can you envision a life that feels safe, happy, and fulfilling happening here? Consider asking some of the following questions as you tour the grounds:

  • What add-ons and upgrades affect pricing? Can I see a unit that’s priced at the quoted price?
  • How are meals handled? Is there a meal plan, or are meals included in the price?
  • Which specific classes are available? Does the roster change or remain consistent over time?
  • Is there transportation into town? What about volunteer days, civic events, and other opportunities to participate in Spartanburg’s community life?
  • Are there community rules I need to know about?
  • If I need additional assistance, how will that change the price and my living arrangements?
  • Is there help on call when I need it—or only during specific hours?

Consider taking someone you trust with you on your tour. A child or grandchild is an extra set of eyes who can help you think clearly about your daily needs. If you’re a caregiver, take your loved one with you on the tour and invite his or her honest feedback. After all, he or she is the one who will be living there.

Eden Terrace of Spartanburg offers active, engaged community living to seniors with a wide variety of needs and lifestyle preferences. We can’t wait to show you how fulfilling the next chapter can be. Call us today to schedule your tour!

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