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On Monday, Sept. 9, 2020, under a crystal blue sky, Arbor Terrace Lakeway was abuzz with excitement in anticipation of the community’s inaugural Labor Day Car Parade. 

Just before 10:30 a.m., dozens of families, in cars, SUVs and trucks found a position in the growing parade line that extended beyond the parking lot and wrapped around the community. Family members decorated their vehicles with red, white and blue streamers; balloons; American flag banners; and homemade signs. 

Meanwhile, inside and outside the community, everyone was busy decorating. The staff placed patriotic-colored balloons in the common areas, and residents quickly finished last-minute touches to their surroundings, attire and preferred seating areas.

The celebration kicked off with a car horn. For the residents, the parade appeared to be an endless line of decorated cars.


 “I hope someone brings a dog with them,” said Don Landers, who was on the lookout for any four-legged furry participants. Families cheered as they drove past, residents waved American flags and cheered in response. 

The Labor Day Parade offered families and residents the opportunity to show their appreciation for the work performed by the dedicated Lakeway staff. 


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