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How To Recognize Dementia and Help Your Loved One Cope and Thrive

Dementia impacts over 6.5 million people over 65 years in the US. Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, is a very difficult disease, and it often affects everyone in the family, not just the person living with it. But how is dementia different from normal aging? How can you know whether your loved one is simply getting a little forgetful at their age, or whether it’s something more serious?

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Memory care How To Know When It’s Time To Explore Memory Care Options Near Bee Cave

Considering a change in your parent’s or a loved one’s care can be difficult. It can be especially emotional when you notice that they may need a higher level of care, such as moving from an assisted living situation to that of memory care. But how do you know just when is the right time to explore memory care communities in Bee Cave, TX for your loved one?

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Memory care How Individuality Matters at Arbor Terrace Lakeway’s Memory Care

Our residents and their families’ experiences mean everything to us. Moving into senior living is always a big step, and realizing your loved ones might need a little more support than just assisted living can be emotional for everyone involved. That’s why we always include family members when we talk about new residents’ care.

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Assisted living Comparing Assisted Living vs Nursing Homes Near Bee Cave

Are you wondering if your loved one would benefit from living in a senior living community, such as assisted living or possibly a nursing home near Bee Cave, Texas? Perhaps you feel that your elderly parent could use a little more help with their medication management. Or maybe they would appreciate encouragement and support that lets them enjoy their daily meals more? Or perhaps you worry about your loved one’s safety or them becoming too lonely living on their own.

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Dining Options A Fresh Take on Senior Living Dining

Dining Director, Tim Laielli, is bringing flavor and care to the menu at Arbor Terrace Lakeway. With over 30 years in the food service industry and a passion for serving seniors, Tim and his team make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. From staying true to the Texas flare, to calling on his experiences living and training under chefs in a variety of different regions, dining at Arbor Terrace Lakeway offers something for everyone.

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Experience Joy and Meaning With the Arbor Terrace Lakeway Staff

What does work mean for the staff at Arbor Terrace Lakeway? Happiness, family, community. We asked several of our team members what they liked or didn’t like about working here, and they all said it’s the genuinely happy and cheerful atmosphere that they revel in. People coming to work at Arbor Terrace Lakeway want their work to be meaningful and fulfilling. They want to pour their commitment and love for our residents into their everyday actions. It’s important to our staff to be able to make a difference in every single resident’s life. Because what makes a difference to a resident makes a difference to our team members.

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employee spotlight Passionate Resident Care that Exceeds Standards

Resident Care Director, Jessica Fisher is passionate about serving others and makes it her mission to provide high-quality care for all residents at Arbor Terrace Lakeway. Her dynamic, loving care team makes the community feel like home. Jessica feels strongly about providing an exceptional level of care to all residents as if they were her very own family. Here is what she has to say about why resident care is a top priority.

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Active Senior Living The Arbor Difference: Personalized Engagement

As we age, staying engaged and active becomes even more crucial for our overall well-being. At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, we understand the importance of creating an environment that fosters connection, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation.

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Memory care, Bridges Neighborhood How to Find the Right Community for Bee Cave Seniors With Early Stage Dementia

Living with early-stage dementia can present unique challenges for seniors and their families. When it comes to finding the right community that understands and meets these specific needs, it’s important to understand how to find the right Bee Cave Texas memory care community.

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Experience Counts at Arbor Terrace Lakeway: Cortnie Jones

Engagement Director Cortnie Jones creates a more vibrant, inclusive community through engaging programs that promote social interaction and overall well-being, and she is passionate about providing activities that residents genuinely love.

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