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Community News, Lakeway, TX The Wizard of Oz Halloween Party at Lakeway

This year, the engagement team at Arbor Terrace Lakeway selected “The Wizard of Oz” as the theme for the annual Halloween Party. The community was abuzz with excitement as team members decorated half of the community room  with colorful balloons, vintage movie posters, photos and handmade flowers. The other half was transformed into a classical Hollywood movie premier setting with a themed backdrop, custom made Yellow Brick Road and life-size character cutouts. 

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Community News, Lakeway, TX A Cornucopia of Community Fall Events Continues

October is a fun-filled month with festivities and parties to celebrate the fall harvest and Halloween. At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, the Engagement staff hosted multiple events throughout the month.  

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Community News, Lakeway, TX Spooktacular Children’s Halloween Parade

Each year, the Engagement team at Arbor Terrace Lakeway hosts a children’s Halloween parade. The event provides families and pets a safe environment to wear themed costumes, gather treats and celebrate the holiday.

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Community News, Lakeway, TX Celebrating Classical Music Month and the MET’s 150th Anniversary at Arbor Terrace Lakeway

On April 13, 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City opened and has grown to become one of the largest and most respected museums in the world. The MET has over 2 million artifacts, paintings and sculptures dating from antiquity to the present.

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Community News, Lakeway, TX 2020 Grandparent Day Celebration at Arbor Terrace Lakeway

On Aug. 3, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation declaring the first Sunday of September following Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. The purpose of the legislation was to honor grandparents and celebrate their many contributions. Grandparents support their grandchildren by sharing family stories, babysitting, passing down traditions, and providing love and support.

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Community News, Lakeway, TX 2020 Arbor Terrace Lakeway Labor Day Car Parade

On Monday, Sept. 9, 2020, under a crystal blue sky, Arbor Terrace Lakeway was abuzz with excitement in anticipation of the community’s inaugural Labor Day Car Parade.

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Community News, Lakeway, TX 2020 Arbor Terrace Lakeway Olympic Games

Although the Olympic Games were canceled due to the pandemic, the residents of Arbor Terrace Lakeway were still able to have their annual community games in August. Residents started strength training weeks in advance for the competition. Then, they perfected their skills during their sports and exercise classes such as kickboxing and track.

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Community News, Lakeway, TX Celebrating National Aviation Day at Arbor Terrace Lakeway

On Wednesday, Aug. 19, the feeling of excitement was brewing at Arbor Terrace of Lakeway in anticipation of the National Aviation Day celebration.

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Culinary Spotlight: Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a favorite here at Arbor Terrace Lakeway. A cordon bleu, or schnitzel cordon bleu, is a dish of meat wrapped around cheese. Chicken cordon bleu is made of chicken breast pounded thin and wrapped around a slice of ham and a slice of cheese, breaded, and then deep fried. Set to rest, sliced coin style and drizzled with a light cream sauce, we use a mushroom sherry cream to finish the flavor profile. It is the favorite dish of Jane T., one of our ambassadors and elder states-persons.

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Community News, Lakeway, TX Resident Spotlight - Faye Anderson

Family members, friends and area residents at Arbor Terrace Lakeway have been blessed by Faye Anderson’s Christian ministry and generosity. Anderson raised her family in a small rice farming community on the Chesterville, Texas, prairie, which is about an hour west of Houston.

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