When looking near Bee Cave, Texas, there are a variety of options for senior living. With so many choices, it may seem difficult to decide which assisted living community is right for you. As you begin your search and tour communities, it is helpful to think about what is most important to you and make a list to guide you along the way. Each community will have its own unique features and personalized care choices.
The more questions you ask, the better. Every senior has their own needs and values, so spend some time thinking about what your ideal living situation looks like, then begin your research. Here are the top 10 questions to ask when choosing an assisted living community near Bee Cave.

1. Are there apartments available now?

Sometimes there can be a waitlist to get into the community you want. For this reason, you will want to ask this question as soon as you are seriously considering any community. If there is a waitlist, you can ask how long you can expect to wait or if any other factors might affect the wait time.  

2. What types of apartments do you currently have available?

There may be more than just a few floor plans to choose from. It will be helpful to walk through as many floor plans as you can to see if you can imagine yourself living there. Each floor plan is designed to meet a unique need, and to also provide comfort, luxury, and convenience. You can ask to walk through the floor plans more than once to give yourself time to take in the space.

3. What does my monthly fee include?

Assisted living communities near Bee Cave are all different and you really need to ask what is included and what might cost extra. Although some communities offer all-in-one bundles of services and amenities, others are more à la carte. For example, internet and cable might be included but other services might not be. Get to know what is offered at the different communities and be sure to get a full picture of what is included in your monthly payment. Many seniors are surprised to learn that the right community may save them money compared to the demands of homeownership. This senior living cost calculator can help you determine what you can afford. 

4. What activities and events do you offer?

Ask about the community’s event calendar and see what sounds appealing to you. Getting involved will help you connect with others and feel more at home. If there are a variety of events for small groups, large groups, and opportunities for scheduled outings, this is a good sign that the community will offer activities that you enjoy. If you have a specific hobby, don’t hesitate to ask about it. 

5. Do you offer on-site health services?

Depending on your need for daily help, it is essential that you find an assisted living community that can provide the right amount of care. Asking questions about medication management and nurses on staff will be important to determine if the community can provide the support you need. Also keep in mind that the incidence of dementia increases after the age of 65, and a community with a separate memory care area may be beneficial in time. 

6. Do you offer a variety of dining options?

The food you eat, the dining options available, and how you enjoy your meals are all very important factors to ask about. Most communities will allow you to experience the taste and atmosphere of their food during a meal. If you have dietary restrictions or need accommodations, you will want to find a community whose chefs take inspiration from your unique considerations into each menu. Don’t hesitate to ask about special dietary needs. Can they offer vegetarian, low-sodium, gluten-free, or paleo options to those who desire them? 

7. Is transportation included or are there other transportation alternatives?

Whether or not you plan to do most of the driving after moving into assisted living, ask about the transportation services that may be available. Some communities offer exclusive bus service to certain doctor’s offices, grocery stores, banks, or other destinations. Even if driving is an option for you now, it becomes less advisable for many seniors as time goes by, and the comfort and reassurance of valet services may be quite welcome in future times of illness or inclement weather.

8. What training and experience do staff have? 

No matter what you see online, nothing can replace a visit to really understand what a community feels like, and when you are there, ask about staff training. All staff should have basic training in senior care. It can also be helpful to ask about staff turnover. Although senior caregiving is challenging work, a very high turnover rate suggests that it will be difficult to form lasting relationships with caring staff. Each is as unique as you are, and walking through a community and meeting the staff will allow you to truly assess if it meets your needs and preferences. Trust your instincts when you are visiting and take time to notice if it “feels right” when you meet the staff.

9. When can I come for a visit?

Any great assisted living community will allow you to spend time there evaluating whether it is the right place for you. Whether it is stopping in for a meal or attending a class or activity time at the community, you can and should expect transparency at every stage. You can ask about an overnight or longer short-term stay so that you can get a real feel for what it would be like to live there, meet the neighbors, and see how the staff and the residents interact throughout the day and night.

10. What individual choices am I allowed to make?

Think about the other parts of your life that make you feel at home and be sure to ask about them.   Some communities allow you to bring your own belongings, furniture and to decorate on your own, and others do not. Also, spending time with friends and family may be a top priority and you may want to look for communities that allow visitors to come visit whenever they like and to eat together. Some communities offer spaces to book for special occasions and even allow overnight guests such as a visiting grandchild or loved one. 

As it comes time to narrow down your choices, remember that you know yourself best, so trust your feelings. If the community fits your needs and preferences, and creates a sense of comfort, this may be the right choice for you.

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