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Dining Director, Tim Laielli, is bringing flavor and care to the menu at Arbor Terrace Lakeway. With over 30 years in the food service industry and a passion for serving seniors, Tim and his team make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. From staying true to the Texas flare, to calling on his experiences living and training under chefs in a variety of different regions, dining at Arbor Terrace Lakeway offers something for everyone.

What is your experience in senior living dining?

Throughout my career, I have proudly dedicated over 30 years to the food service industry, honing my expertise and passion for culinary excellence. Embracing every aspect of this dynamic field, I have navigated various roles, consistently striving for perfection in every dish crafted. For the past eight years, my focus has been devoted to senior living dining. 

How did you get started in the culinary field?

My culinary journey began in my parents' diner in South Jersey, where my five siblings and I embraced the art of cooking. From those early days, I moved to many different states, learning from seasoned chefs. Each different region brought new flavors, lessons, and learnings that shaped my skills. My personal favorite dishes to prepare are Italian, and Mediterranean is a close second.

How is dining at Arbor Terrace Lakeway unique?

Our dining service program stands out from the rest due to our commitment to innovation and culinary creativity. We understand the importance of keeping residents engaged, which is why we continuously explore new and exciting menu items, ensuring the options never grow mundane. My team and I are passionate about food and people, and it shows in our dining program.

How do you bring the local Texas flavor into your menus?

In the heart of Lakeway, Texas, our BBQ-themed meals exude local Texas flare. Our chicken and pork are brined, roasted, and smoked to perfection, accompanied by homemade cornbread and molasses baked beans. It's a true Texan culinary journey that celebrates authentic flavors and warm hospitality.

Dining at Arbor Terrace Lakeway offers a fresh take on senior living culinary experiences. With our dedicated Dining Director, Tim Laielli, at the helm, flavor, and care infuse every aspect of our menu. Tim's extensive experience in the food service industry and his passion for serving seniors make a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents every day. 

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