Senior living communities are changing the game in aging with a new fitness approach. Far too often, aging is wrongly associated with hobbies like cards and knitting, but at Arbor Terrace Lakeway, a different kind of lifestyle unfolds—one of active aging! Our residents desire an active, robust, and healthy way of life, so we make it our mission to cater to this through a series of carefully crafted programs uniquely designed with our seniors in mind.
Through a comprehensive partnership with AAAI/ISMA Fitness, we've empowered our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead classes that focus on the overall health and well-being of our residents. As we shine a spotlight on active aging, we've witnessed astonishing transformations, not only in terms of physical results but also in the enhancement of mental well-being. Health and fitness at Arbor Terrace Lakeway is a top priority that is bringing a new vibrancy to our community.

Understanding Active Aging

Aging is often accompanied by a natural decline in flexibility and the gradual fading of our "fast-twitch" muscle fibers. However, there's a world of possibilities when it comes to enhancing these aspects for our residents. Our approach involves engaging fitness and wellness classes that not only focus on strength, flexibility, and balance but also bring a sense of enjoyment into the process. From moving to music to working on flexibility, our focus is on creating programs that meet the holistic health and wellness of our residents.

Essentially, active aging is a multifaceted initiative dedicated to breaking the traditional stereotypes surrounding aging. It's a tailored program designed to resonate with our active population, addressing their desires and needs to lead active, healthy lives. In fact, many of our residents express an interest in prioritizing their overall health and well-being, which inspired us to elevate our wellness programming to meet these desires head on. 

Fitness Program Overview

In a world where sedentary living has become the norm, our fitness program breaks the mold. We focus on improving mobility through a variety of methods, such as foot health and mobility to prevent falls. This theme is woven into our active-aging fitness program. We motivate our residents to get those feet moving! But we don't stop there; we incorporate fun into the process by offering a diverse range of activities including Tai chi, yoga, deep breathing, balance exercises, dance, wellness discussions, and informative sessions on the significance of proper hydration and diet.

Not to mention, we're thrilled to offer virtual options, including a Zoom class on meditation where residents can join from our very own community. While group activities are at the heart of our fitness philosophy, we also recognize the importance of individual fitness, which is why we encourage residents to take advantage of our gym. 

The Advantages of Active Aging

Our fitness programs are a true hit, and our residents are in love with the new heightened focus on keeping their bodies and minds healthy. And even better, these customized classes are not only fostering improved physical health but they are instilling confidence and overall happiness for our assisted living and memory care residents. We’re finding new connections and friendships forming through these group classes, and it’s also another opportunity for our team members to interact with residents and get to know them better. 

Additionally, active aging offers health benefits such as reduced blood pressure, weight management, and better mobility. From new bonds to improved health and confidence, we can’t wait to see the continued results of our new fitness programs!

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, our residents now have enhanced support for leading healthy, active lives through this tailor-made fitness program designed for seniors. We’re saying goodbye to stress and hello to transformed lives. Come see for yourself by scheduling a personalized tour today! 

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