6 Things in our Community That Help with Memory CareThe job of caregiver for a person with dementia is both daunting and exhausting. Not only must day-to-day activities be planned, but life decisions and medical choices must also be made. Most family members acting as caregivers lack the skills and experience of trained professionals. Further, as time passes, the progress of the disease makes delivering quality care more difficult.

Before that time comes, it’s a good idea to research and identify a quality memory care provider. People living with dementia are often safer and more engaged as part of a larger memory care community. For those dealing with dementia, Arbor Terrace Lakeway offers the following six important features to provide an active, compassionate, and engaging memory care experience.

1. Arbor Terrace Lakeway Is a Secure Environment That Feels Like Home

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, our Evergreen memory care neighborhood has been specially designed with safety, security, and comfort in mind. We offer cozy apartments, beautiful group meeting areas, and safe and secure access and egress for all patients and visitors. Providing a sense of well-being for our residents and peace of mind for residents’ families is an essential part of Arbor’s carefully planned and managed memory care approach.

Arbor Terrace residents can select from three well-designed one-bedroom, one-bath apartment floor plans. Our community’s arrangement provides safety and security with specially designed doors fitted with coded access keypads. Our facility includes plenty of activity areas, a spacious outdoor patio, and ample living space with a homelike feel.

2. Our Outdoor Space Is Exceptional

Connecting with nature and the great outdoors can be both relaxing and refreshing. For seniors with dementia, spending time on our large, open patio produces both a sense of security and a dose of personal renewal. In addition to the open space, our patio is furnished with couches, greenery, and tables and chairs with sun-blocking umbrellas for sitting and visiting with family or friends.

3. Residents Enjoy Engaging Daily and Weekly Activities

Regularly planned activities with a variety of routines help keep our dementia residents engaged and happy. Our activity calendar stays full of fun meetings involving crafts, arts, music, and an occasional trip out to the broader Lakeway community. We work hard to keep our dementia residents engaged and believe that active seniors are healthy seniors. Regularly scheduled events are great opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, or visit new places.

4. Check Out Our Award-Winning Dining with DignityⓇ Program

Dining is special at Arbor Terrace Lakeway, and our award-winning Dining with Dignity program is designed with seniors in mind. Meals in our elegant dining room are an excellent time to socialize with family and friends, meet new people, or catch up on the latest news. When residents first check in at Lakeway, we gather information on meal preferences, dietary requirements or restrictions, and details of any cherished recipes. Our team of trained chefs then prepare meals according to residents’ likes and restrictions. For residents who require some extra assistance eating, our chefs prepare meals in bite-sized pieces for easy chewing. These are then served in our elegant table and plate setting so that residents can enjoy each meal with dignity and self-respect.

5. We Keep Family and Friends Involved

We believe that involving family and friends in daily care improves the health and happiness of residents who have dementia. Lakeway’s management and staff make every effort to invite family members to assist with care planning and to participate in scheduled events and activities. This approach allows family members to enjoy time with residents while our trained staff help with stressful day-to-day care requirements.

6. Our Compassionate Staff Is Highly Trained

One key area of memory care is the availability of staff members who are empathetic and compassionate. These are qualities that go above and beyond the certifications and training for all memory care staff as required by state and federal law. We believe all our team members go the extra mile to encourage and support our residents who have dementia. In addition, many staff members have completed additional training and accreditations and are always ready to help our community or assist any resident with their needs.

Arbor Terrace Lakeway works hard to keep our community engaged and active. We are dedicated to ensuring that each member of our neighborhood receives the care and attention they need. If you are seeking a residential memory care facility, we at Arbor Terrace Lakeway will work with you to see that we can meet the needs and challenges of your loved ones. Connect with us via our website or by phone at 512-649-2133.

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