Dining Options at Our Senior Living CommunityRestaurant-style dining has a special meaning for residents and staff at Arbor Terrace Lakeway. We take meals seriously because we know that seniors understand what great dining is all about. And we know that providing healthy, nutritious, and gourmet dining options is important to the health and satisfaction of our community. At Arbor Terrace, we have moved beyond the old-style, monotonous, and tasteless food some people might expect to find. 

At Arbor Terrace, we have taken community dining to a new level by providing the finest available varieties of menu choices, locally grown options, and special dietary meals all designed to accommodate the needs and desires of our residents. Our staff includes expert chefs who are trained in preparing nutritious and appealing dishes and skilled in the art of creating exceptional dining experiences. We ensure that every meal is nutritiously balanced, beautifully staged in a table-and-plate setting, and satisfyingly tasteful, each and every time.

Arbor Terrace Residents Enjoy Dining Excellence

We begin our residents’ dining experience in our beautiful, well-appointed open-seating dining area where meals are served on tables set with serving plates, flatware, and linens. Each meal offers menu choices created by our team of specially trained chefs and served by our experienced and knowledgeable waitstaff. Our menu options frequently change, so it's never a case of having the same old thing, which makes dining dull and boring.  Menu options change seasonally, and fresh-off-the-vine specials are offered based on local availability.

Arbor Terrace was designed with seniors in mind, from pleasant apartments to a spacious and comfortable patio complete with a barbecue grill. Enjoy a snack in the fresh air or join friends in the Skype Lounge or one of the activity rooms. Our dining options begin with an individual care plan, which not only includes a resident’s personal meal preferences and requests, but also lists any dietary limitations such as allergies. From this, we devise recipes and meal options that are unique to each of our residents.

Dining with DignityⓇ Program

Dining with Dignity is our distinctive program for residents who may need extra help at mealtime. Residents often require special foods to manage allergies or personal dietary needs. In some cases, residents may require assistance eating. Our specially trained chefs prepare delicious meals and ensure that each serving provides the same nutrition as our regularly prepared meals. If need be, these meals are modified for easy chewing and swallowing and served in small, bite-sized portions. In all cases, our restaurant personnel serve the meals in an elegant table and plate presentation that allows the resident to enjoy dining with dignity and self-esteem.

At the Heart of Our Dining Experience Is Excellent Nutrition

We work hard to ensure that our residents stay active, engaged, healthy, and alert. One critical element of our approach is providing dining options with the proper nutritional balance of protein, carbohydrates, and calories. And, we make sure that the foods we serve are as delicious as they are healthy. At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, we never sacrifice great taste. For special occasions or any occasion, invite family or friends to gather around one of our dining room’s stylish tables to enjoy our chefs’ elegant and tasty signature meals.

Which Resident Facility Is Right for You?

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, we have created a senior living community with just the right mix of fun and engaging activities, comfortable surroundings, great common spaces, and stately living accommodations. To this, we have added fine dining options delivered daily in an elegant table-and-plate restaurant. We believe we’ve brought together the ideal ingredients for your perfect retirement home. At Arbor, we are committed to providing the finest in retirement living.

When considering your retirement options, you may have questions. We can help. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answers on our FAQs webpage. Our residents consider retirement the perfect reward for a lifetime of preparation and hard work. If it’s time for you to choose a resident community that’s right for you, look no further than Arbor Terrace Lakeway. Experience our community firsthand by visiting with our staff and scheduling a tour, or joining us for one of our fine dining options. You’ve worked hard to earn that special dream retirement. Let Arbor Terrace show you how to make that dream a reality.

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