Our residents and their families’ experiences mean everything to us. Moving into senior living is always a big step, and realizing your loved ones might need a little more support than just assisted living can be emotional for everyone involved. That’s why we always include family members when we talk about new residents’ care.

In the video below, the daughter of two of our beloved residents shares the candid feelings that she and her family experienced after they first joined our community. She talks about the range of emotions that can come up with such a move.

She says what made the experience ultimately a very positive and comforting one, was the fact that everyone was so warm and welcoming at Arbor Terrace Lakeway, to both her and her parents. You can see it in their smiles that she and her parents now know this is the right place for them: a safe and loving environment.
Another daughter of two of our cherished residents says that what made the biggest difference for her and her parents was to be able to plan ahead. Her parents are a sweet, married couple who live in our Bridges neighborhood and Evergreen memory care, respectively. It was not easy for them to live in different care options at first. But anticipating future changes and being able to plan ahead made all the difference for her and her family.
She says her parents adore living in the same community. And they had a wonderful experience because they knew the community already well before they had to adjust care options. Both of them knew the campus, had friends here, and knew the staff. You can see how they just love meeting up with each other in our courtyard to reconnect for a chat.  
The daughter also shares how understood and seen she and her parents felt throughout the process. She appreciates that Arbor Terrace Lakeway treats each resident as individuals. We’re all one big family here, but every single person is unique.
Then, Arbor Terrace Lakeway Memory Care Director Brittany shares what her work means to her. She also gives insights into how she trains her care staff to make sure they can truly connect with our memory care residents. She explains, for her this means focusing on the individual’s experience. Understanding that each resident might take in the world around them a little differently, and finding ways to connect with them on their level is key. She says it’s important to “take a look and go into their world.”
Brittany also places emphasis on creating an enjoyable, social environment for all of her residents. She wants them to feel supported and validated. Everyone is an individual here. And everyone’s unique feelings, thoughts, and experience matter. As she puts it, “they might not remember our name the next day,” but “they will always remember how we make them feel.”
She adds, “I want that to always be uplifting and inspirational for them and [always let them] know that we're there to help. Always.”

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