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lake chef (1)When searching for a community, the quality of food provided to residents ranks at the top of the list. We recently spent time visiting with Robert Bleibtrey, executive chef of Arbor Terrace Lakeway, to talk about his cooking philosophy and meal preparation. 

Robert Bleibtrey previously served as Executive Chef for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club, the Cowboy’s Stadium, and the American Airlines Center. He started his career working at his parent's restaurant. Before moving to Texas, he held a position at Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse. 

Three years ago, Bleibtrey and his wife moved from Dallas to Austin. “Working at Arbor Terrace offered the perfect opportunity to transfer my culinary expertise from large events feeding 800 people to a smaller personal dining experience. Now, I can build relationships with our residents, and gain a better understanding of their food preferences and needs,” shares Bleibtrey. 

The culinary team is dedicated to creating delicious all-inclusive meals for residents. Meals are cooked in-house and made from ingredients that are locally sourced, fresh, and never frozen.  Desserts are handmade. Each member of the team takes steps to ensure consistency and quality. 

“The majority of our residents are native Texans. So, we cook a lot of BBQ, pulled pork, and chicken fried steak. During the holidays, we prepare the Texas traditional cornbread dressing from scratch,” says Bleibtrey. A few days before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the aroma of freshly baked cornbread fills the hallways giving a hint of the upcoming meal.

Bleibtrey shares, “We bring to the residents the highest quality culinary experience possible. Our job is to create wonderful dining occasions. He continues, “we honor the residents by cooking their favorite foods and celebrating the spirit of giving with each handcrafted meal.

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