Searching for Assisted Living in Lakeway? Here's What You Need to KnowYou've decided to move to an assisted living community, but aren't sure exactly how to go about selecting one. One way to compare alternatives is to prepare and answer questions about the features you want. Base questions on things that are important to you, then talk with an Arbor Terrace representative. Review the list, get answers, then take a tour and enjoy a meal in our elegant dining room. You'll see that Arbor Terrace offers the finest in assisted living in Lakeway, Texas.

Select the Perfect Location

You'll want a location that offers convenient access to services you use, as well as to friends and family. Arbor Terrace is ideally situated, adjacent to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center and in the heart of one of the greater Austin area's finest neighborhoods. Many medical offices, physical therapy facilities, and support organizations are nearby and available to our residents.

Our community is located on a carefully maintained 7-acre property in Oak Hill, one of Austin's most beautiful suburbs. The landscaped ground, interior courtyard, and manicured walking paths allow residents to spend time with nature, stay active, or simply meditate. Easy access to the services you may need and a central location in a beautiful setting make Arbor Terrace an excellent place to call home.

Choose a Luxury Living Space

Next, you should decide on the type and size of living space you'll need. Is a studio apartment sufficient or do you need some extra storage? We offer an excellent selection of options for assisted living in Lakeway, from a spacious studio apartment to our elegant Orchard suite’s single-bedroom floor plan.

And we offer many splendid features beyond our carefully designed apartments. Amenities include an indoor swimming pool, beautifully appointed public spaces such as meeting rooms, a lobby, an outdoor patio, and meticulously maintained buildings and grounds.

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, our friendly staff are available to take your calls and answer any questions you may have. In addition, Arbor has prepared a comprehensive (and free) guide, “Finding a Safe & Comfortable Senior Living Community.”

Know how to find the right community for your needs. Download our ebook,  "Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community."

Will You Have the Services and Amenities You Need and Want?

When considering assisted living in Lakeway, it's important to know whether or not you will need or want any special services. For example, does the community have wheelchair-accessible public spaces. Beyond health maintenance, will there be choices for personal enrichment such as a library or discussion groups, recreational activities such as water aerobics, and tasteful services such as fine dining, beauty salon and spa amenities, and social gatherings? It is also important to consider whether the community offers increased levels of care should you need additional help later. We are pleased to offer all of these and more.

At Arbor Terrace, we respect your privacy, but we are never far away should you need support or assistance. Our thoroughly trained and experienced staff are ready to help with any personal needs, such as managing recovery from a fall, ordering medications, or providing personal services such as laundry and dry-cleaning pickup and delivery. One goal of our compassionate staff is to develop and nourish full and meaningful relationships with residents and their family members. We call these relationships “deep connections,” and they’re just one of the many ways we communicate the caring and loving attitude of our staff.

What Are the Costs?

Before making a selection, it's vital to both check with your insurance and prepare a budget. Medicaid or private insurance will often pay all or part of your senior living expenses. In any event, you may be surprised by how affordable Arbor Terrace is when compared to the costs of maintaining a home. Our handy Senior Living Cost Calculator is a perfect way to compare the cost of homeownership with the cost of being a resident. 

Take a Tour and See for Yourself

Finally, arrange to take a tour and visit with staff and residents. Check out the environment and ask questions. Learn what makes Arbor Terrace the special place it is, then enjoy a meal and see for yourself the quality lifestyle you would enjoy as one of our residents.

At Arbor Terrace Lakeway, we believe that seniors should be able to enjoy an active, engaged, and relaxed lifestyle while having access to any needed health and wellness services. We are a compassionate and loving community of seniors and staff who enjoy the benefits of Arbor Terrace's thoughtful and elegant planning. So take a tour, talk with a representative, then join us and become part of our compassionate community. 

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