Taking a tour is a great way to get a feel for an assisted living community in Lakeway, TX and gather information to ensure it’s the best fit for your loved one. Check out the key things to consider when touring assisted living options in Travis County to ensure your loved one will be happy and comfortable in their new home.

Relevant Services and Amenities

See what services and amenities the community offers. These typically include providing assistance with personal tasks like getting dressed to scheduling transportation. Look for a community that prioritizes engagement by offering a variety of activities, events, and dining so your loved one is never bored.

Convenient Location

Research the community’s proximity to shopping, medical facilities, restaurants, and parks. It’s also a good idea to drive around the neighborhood to see if it’s safe and quiet. The location should tick all the boxes for what your loved one requires to have a fulfilling lifestyle.

Comfortable Accommodations

Look at the accommodations available, which can range from cozy studios to spacious two-bedroom apartments. Also, don’t forget to ask about pet-friendly accommodations if your loved one has a furry pal they want to bring.

Low Staff-to-Resident Ratio

Find out what is the community’s staff-to-resident ratio. A lower ratio generally equates to more personalized care and attention for residents. When interviewing the staff, ask about their qualification, training, and community standards. This will help provide peace of mind that they provide quality senior care.

Clear Safety Measures

See what safety measures the community has in place. For example, does the apartment come with a 24/7 emergency call system? Does the community have video surveillance, fire alarms, and/or security guards? It’s imperative that they have clear and up-to-date safety protocols.

Personalized Resident Care

Evaluate the resident care, from the healthcare professionals and wellness programs available on-site to how staff handles medical emergencies. Other important considerations include whether they provide safe medication management and coordinate with external healthcare providers.

Transparent Pricing

Another crucial factor is the cost of assisted living. Ask about the pricing structure, what's included in the fees, additional costs, and potential fee increases. Also, research the financial stability and reputation of the community so your loved one won’t have to move unexpectedly.

Positive Reviews

Check out the community’s resident testimonials and reviews. During your tour, talk to current residents and their families to see what their experience has been like. Third-party reviews and ratings, like the U.S. News Best Senior Living Communities, can also provide valuable insights.

Discover Senior Living Options in Lakeway, TX

Touring an assisted living community can be overwhelming. However, if you know what to look for — such as services, amenities, location, accommodations, and safety — the process becomes less stressful. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can find a senior living community that best suits your loved one.

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