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Why Arbor Terrace Could Be the Right Assisted Living For Your ParentAlmost 90 percent of seniors say they hope to age in place, remaining in their homes for as long as possible. Perhaps that’s why so many delay the conversation about senior living until they need immediate, urgent help. The truth is that staying at home can be expensive, dangerous, and downright isolating for seniors who need help with activities of daily living. If you’re considering assisted living for a parent, know that most seniors thrive in senior living communities, where they get more socialization, better food, and a chance at a happier retirement. Here are five reasons Arbor Terrace could be the right assisted living community for your parents.

Your Parent Feels Isolated or Bored 

Let’s face it: Retirement doesn’t always live up to the promise of endless recreation and meaningful relaxation. Finding activities can prove difficult and expensive. That’s doubly true if your loved one has any physical limitations, doesn’t drive, or lives in a geographically isolated area. Many seniors struggle with loneliness, especially if they live alone. This loneliness doesn’t just feel bad; it’s also terrible for their health. Loneliness can be just as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Your Parent Needs Help with Daily Activities 

Assisted living offers help with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, eating, bathing, and getting dressed. Because these activities are so ingrained in daily life, it can be difficult for anyone who does not live with your parent to offer sufficient help. But in assisted living, your loved one gets only the help they need — nothing more, and never anything that intrudes on their privacy or desire to live life on their terms.

In-Home Care Is Stressing Your Family Out

Popular caregiving guides often talk about the rewards of caregiving. What’s harder for caregivers to talk about is the stress, the guilt, and the bickering. Caregiving is exhausting work, and it can tear a family apart. You’ll see your kids and spouse less, and may have conflicts with other family members about the right type of care. The family member who provides the most care may feel both resentful and guilty for not doing more. It’s bad for everyone, and assisted living offers a path out of this endless stress.

You Want Your Loved One to Have the Best Possible Retirement 

The wine vineyard or yacht might no longer be on your loved one’s retirement agenda. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on a fulfilling retirement rich with purpose and imbued with meaningful relationships. Arbor Terrace offers classes, daily activities, plenty of opportunities for exercise, volunteer opportunities, community excursions, live music, special celebrations, and so much more. We’re the launchpad for your loved one’s retirement dreams, and we’ll do everything we can to make their retirement fantasies a reality.

You Struggle with Caregiver Burnout 

Caring for your loved one can prove exhausting and demoralizing. You may lose time with your children, opportunities at work, and precious time for self-care. And no matter how hard you work at tending to your loved one, the reality is that no person can provide daily care for someone who needs it without suffering from immense burnout themselves. And when your loved one gets to the point where they need all-day care, it’s just not realistic for a single family member to provide it. Caregiver burnout is very real. It can affect your health, undermine your relationship with your parent, and result in lower-quality care. But the transition to senior living helps restore balance so you can enjoy your relationship, quit bickering with your siblings, and finally get a few spare moments to yourself.

Want to learn more about what sets Arbor Terrace apart? Need help comparing your options and making the right decision for your family? Check out our free guide, “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.”

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