The phrase “it takes a village” does not just apply to young families. As communities have learned more about the needs of their aging seniors and those that care for them, more resources to help your loved one overcome new obstacles have become available.

But between navigating new emotions, confronting challenges, and adjusting to a “new normal,” it can be difficult to know where to turn. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources not just online, but also often just down the block. Here are some excellent community resources for seniors here in Manassas, Virginia, for support online, in person, or even in the comfort of your home.

Your Local Agency on Aging

Navigating your way through all of the programs and services that Manassas and its surrounding communities in the Prince William County area can easily become overwhelming. That’s where the Prince WIlliam County Area Agency on Aging steps in, helping seniors and their loved ones with guides, resources, and support for those looking for assistance with their efforts to improve and enjoy their quality of life. The Area Agency on Aging also provides a supportive network for families and offers advocacy, education, and programs through their relationship with more than 670 partner agencies across the country.

Your journey to senior living starts here, with this step-by-step guide that  covers everything you need to know to get started.

Your State Office for Aging Services

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Office for Aging Services’ mission is to help older Virginians, their caregivers, and their loved ones by coordinating and providing services across Virginia. The office has representatives in 25 local areas and relationships with various public and private organizations to help older Virginians with everything from healthy eating, to Medicare support, to physical and mental fitness, to legal resources.

Your Local Bar Association

The Prince William County Bar Association, in partnership with the Area Agency on Aging, has developed a “Senior Citizens Handbook” to help families address common needs such as financial assistance, healthcare, long-term care, and legal protection. The Bar Association also holds seminars and presentations, and offers lawyers available to answer questions free of charge, compliments of the Virginia State Bar.

Your Local Park System

When it comes to offering a full range of programs tailored to all things senior related, your local Manassas Park Community Center is a great place to start. The center offers a variety of drop-in activities, support groups, education programs, and socialization opportunities for you and your loved ones to attend. The Manassas Park Community Center also offers group trips, community volunteering, senior-focused special events, and great recommendations for related services.

Your Local Library

Your local Manassas and Prince William County library systems offer a wealth of information and resources — and not just from books about senior issues — that are available for you to check out. These library systems offer lectures, community programs, and social events about a variety of senior-specific topics ranging from caregiving to healthcare. The best part is that all of these programs are often just around the corner, so at least stop in and take a look at the publications and resources available.

Your Local Senior Living Community

One of the best places to find all of these resources together is in a nearby senior living community. The right community can provide safe, fun, and rewarding opportunities for your loved one and your family to experience a wide range of activities and have their needs met. Incredible communities like Arbor’s have been serving seniors for more than three decades, and we would love to show you one of them. Learn more about Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor here!

Start your journey to senior living today with this step-by-step guide