As we spend more time independently and less time with others in retirement, purposeful socialization becomes even more important. However, there are often many challenges that make spending time with others difficult.Sometimes transportation or accessibility can deter seniors from spending time in community with others. Similarly, you may simply not have the energy to leave the house or feel frustrated trying to organize the details of an outing. 

Living in a Woodbridge, VA assisted living community can help remove many of these barriers and become a healthy way to stay social for seniors. Read on to find practical ways moving to an assisted living community can help prevent social isolation.

Community Without the Commute

As we age, limited mobility can become a barrier between ourselves and the people we want to spend time with. Sometimes they want to go somewhere that isn’t easily accessible or just getting into the car can feel like an overwhelming task. Driving can also become worrisome, especially during times of high traffic or at night. 

In an assisted living community, you don’t have to travel far to spend time with friends or find a fun-filled opportunity. Just a short walk down the hall will lead you to friendly faces at every meal and every shared space.

Plus, there are always new activities and events being planned. You won’t have to stress about the details of organizing larger gatherings on your own. All you have to do is sign up, show up, and have fun!

Spend Time With Others in Similar Seasons of Life

It can feel isolating to have lifestyle changes as we age. In an assisted living community, you’ll feel like you belong being surrounded by others in similar seasons of life. 

Your neighbors will be similar in age, understanding many of your struggles and likely having similar abilities and interests. You won’t have to feel left out from activities because every happening on-site will be designed accessibly, specifically with seniors in mind. You can more easily make and maintain friendships because it will be natural to spend time together in our dining and shared living spaces on a daily basis.

Regularly Planned Activities

There is always something fun to do in an assisted living community. Whether you prefer large group events or smaller meetups, there is sure to be something that suits your style.

 Most communities have a designated engagement coordinator who creates a monthly calendar filled with regular and seasonal activities, classes, events, and excursions. Some examples may include book club, art class, volunteering time to help a local charity, and themed dinner events. All of these happenings provide opportunities to spend time with neighbors enjoying both new and familiar activities.

Having each month’s schedule ahead of time allows seniors to plan their time just the way they’d like, making sure they join in the events they’re interested in without missing a beat. 

Kind Caretakers Available 24/7

Even if you prefer to spend more time independently, there will be caring staff to support and assist you round the clock. Regardless of how frequently you require their support, interacting with staff members can be an encouragement. These interactions can help you to feel more connected in contrast to spending days at home in isolation before your move. 

You also won’t have to worry about being alone during an emergency because there is always someone nearby to lend a helping hand. Many communities have emergency pendants or in-room buttons to quickly call for help if needed, too. This can help seniors and their families feel more at ease knowing that a staff member who knows and cares about you will be on-scene to assist with unexpected events, both big and small.

Delicious, Dependable Dining

Gone are the days of eating by yourself or choosing to simply skip meal time because cooking seemed too troublesome. The hassle of shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning up food will vanish.

In a Woodbridge, VA assisted living community, three meals will be prepared for you every day. This encourages residents to eat nourishing foods on a more reliable basis while providing multiple opportunities to connect with others in meaningful conversation. You can count on every dining experience to refresh your body and your brain. 

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