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Connection is Vital For Health

When seniors begin to experience memory loss or mild cognitive impairment, socializing with peers becomes even more important for maintaining health.

Our Woodbridge, VA early-stage cognitive care program provides a range of social events and programs that encourage healthy socialization and cognitive exercise, ensuring all residents feel welcomed and connected.


Enhancing Total Well-Being

Our caring staff is trained to focus on your loved one's overall well-being to slow down cognitive decline. We'll collaborate with you and your loved one to create a personalized care plan that meets their specific needs and preferences.

Furthermore, we offer safe medication management services to prevent missed or doubled medication doses, providing you peace of mind.

In addition to safety, our Bridges program provides an array of stimulating exercises, classes, and events for both the body and mind.

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Housekeeping Housekeeping

Senior Living Designed for Your Loved One

Seniors who are living with cognitive decline often feel isolated, and household tasks can become overwhelming.

In our Bridges neighborhood, they can connect and relax more deeply. Residents can enjoy relationships with peers through events and programs while our staff takes care of housekeeping.

Here, your loved one can focus on their wellness and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Our Engaging Arbor Terrace Lifestyle

We are challenging the traditional concept of retirement. At Arbor Terrace, we strive to provide the highest quality of life for every resident, regardless of their cognitive challenges.

Our Bridges program offers an Engaged Lifestyle calendar filled with diverse activities and events:

Art and Education Arbor Terrace Art and Education Stimulating the mind by learning another language, painting a portrait, or exploring a new craft or skill.
Deep Connections Deep Connections Feeling connected to a lively community. We ask the right questions and take the time to listen. It’s why residents accomplish amazing things here — things they never thought possible on their own.
Health and Wellness Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons Health and Wellness Our exercise programs are designed especially for seniors to improve mobility, maintain fitness, and even challenge the brain — all in a fun format.
heart purposeful living Purposeful Living At Arbor Terrace, residents are meaningfully engaged throughout the day. An important part of that includes opportunities to volunteer and give back to others while remaining actively involved in the community.
Recreation Recreation and Leisure We go out of our way to fulfill each resident’s wish list. From live music to barbecues to karaoke nights, if you can dream it, chances are that we’ll try it. And we love helping with family get-togethers.
Spiritual Spiritual Journey For many, the health of one’s soul is as meaningful as the health of one’s body. And so we offer ample opportunities for structured religious activities and individual reflection.
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Serving Up Chef Meals and Connection

At Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons, life revolves around the table. Your loved one can enjoy chef-prepared meals with neighbors or have a coffee with a friend before yoga class.

Our award-winning Dining with Dignity® program ensures positive and delicious dining experiences for every resident. We create a sociable environment and provide any necessary assistance.

In our Bridges neighborhood, residents have three meals in the dining room each day. We also encourage them to bring visitors by purchasing a ticket prior to the meal.

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Comparing Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Options

In this guide, you’ll learn, how dementia care can improve dementia, the different options available for dementia care, things to look for in a community specific to dementia care, and much more.

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The Opportunities Are Limitless

At Arbor Terrace, your loved one will have endless options for leisure. They can take a walk in our beautiful gardens or relax with a cup of coffee in the library.  We also offer group outings so that Bridges residents can explore our local community, try new restaurants, or attend a theater production. Our goal is to help your loved one feel like themselves and provide the necessary support for them to engage in activities that spark their interest.

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Woodbridge Virginia waterways Woodbridge Virginia waterways

Enjoy Retirement in Woodbridge

Being located in the heart of Prince William County allows your loved one to take advantage of the delightful shopping and dining experiences our Woodbridge community offers.

Residents can safely explore the city's best attractions on a group excursion or entertain guests, from beautiful parks and trails to historical sites.


Bridges Neighborhood Floor Plans

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience with our thoughtfully designed floor plans. We don't just offer apartments, we provide you with a home tailored to meet your unique needs. From cozy studios to one-bedroom apartments, each of our floor plans is designed to offer you the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You'll love coming home to Arbor Terrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of apartment floor plans are available in the Bridges Neighborhood?

If you are considering moving to the Bridges neighborhood at Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons, you will need to decide on an apartment floor plan. The Bridges neighborhood provides three different floor plans: The Dogwood, which is a one-bed and one-bath apartment, The Magnolia, which is a two-bed and one-bath apartment, and The Snowbell apartment, which is also two-bed and one-bath.

Before making your decision, it is always a good idea to schedule an in-person tour of the apartments.

At which stage should someone with dementia move into the Bridges Neighborhood in Woodbridge, VA?

Unlike assisted living communities in Woodbridge, VA, a Bridges neighborhood specializes in seniors who are in early-stage cognitive decline. The Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons neighborhood provides additional services that seniors may need, as well as caregivers who are educated in cognitive conditions.

If you have dementia, you should move into the Bridges neighborhood in the early stages of this condition. There, you will have access to cognitive work and staff who are educated in cognitive care and slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What’s the difference between a nursing home and the Bridges Neighborhood at Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons?

Nursing homes have a very clinical atmosphere where seniors can receive daily assistance and caregiving. Nursing homes are also equipped for rehabilitative care and can provide medical assistance.

This is different from the Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons Bridges neighborhood as it is designed for seniors with early onset cognitive decline. The atmosphere is much warmer and feels like home, allowing residents to live in their own apartments and have privacy.

Caregivers are specially trained in cognitive decline and can provide personalized assistance for each resident. Residents also have the independence to do as they like and socialize with others within the community. Residents can enjoy amenities like transportation, housekeeping, laundry, luxurious dining, and spa services.

How can the Bridges neighborhood be paid for?

The team at Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons can help seniors find the best ways to pay for the Bridges neighborhood. We can help you find different programs that cover certain bills and expenses so that this is a more affordable option.

For seniors who receive veterans benefits, this is a great program that can go towards paying for your caregiving expenses. Check out our free cost calculator to compare your current costs with our care estimates.

What types of features are in place to keep residents safe in the Bridges neighborhood?

If you are experiencing cognitive decline from a condition like Alzheimer’s or dementia, the Bridges neighborhood is a great option. At Arbor Terrace Prince William Commons, we provide all kinds of amenities and safety features for those with memory-related conditions.

At the Bridges neighborhood, you will have access to 24/7 caregivers and medical professionals in case you need anything. We also use a 24/7 system that helps us provide emergency medical care and assistance. Residents have access to a senior-friendly layout, daily amenities, customized health plans, and a secure living environment.

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