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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Lakeside at Amelia Island families are getting creative in staying connected with loved ones and creating meaningful moments to celebrate their special milestones.
Estrella’s daughter did just that when recently faced with how to best help her mom celebrate her seventy-seventh birthday, while still complying with social distancing guidelines.

Estrella was surprised and delighted by the thoughtful gift of music her daughter, a local dance studio owner, recently arranged. Because her daughter is actively involved with the city’s musical theater community, she thought the perfect gift for Estrella would be recruiting the local playhouse cast from Les Misérables to surprise her mom with a performance of her favorite song, “Do You Hear the People Sing?”.

“I listen to this song every day in my apartment, but it’s never as special as this live performance was,” Estrella said. “You have made my heart full, and I cannot wait to hug you all.”

The Lakeside at Amelia Island, Associate Executive Director, Meghan Lowry chimed in. “It was a tearful moment of joy for the staff as well. This moment tugged our heartstrings tight, as we realize that finding these special moments is more important than ever.”

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