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  • Memory Care Apartments Starting at $5,720

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Arbor Terrace Cooper City emphasizes the importance of relationships, personalized assistance, and peace of mind for its residents. The community offers a luxurious lifestyle, along with access to a team of highly trained and compassionate staff who are committed to ensuring the well-being of each resident. With these features, our residents enjoy a positive and comfortable living experience.

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Setting the Standard in Senior Living: We are proud to be an award-winning community

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Where You Become Family

At Arbor Terrace Cooper City, our staff members strive to establish meaningful relationships, which we refer to as "deep connections," with our residents. By learning about their favorite things, hobbies, and interests, as well as their history and preferences, we can better understand how to provide personalized care.

Whether it's preparing a resident's favorite dessert or organizing a trip to their old neighborhood, we are dedicated to getting to know our residents and building strong relationships with them. Furthermore, we recognize that pets are an important part of many residents' families. That's why Arbor Terrace Cooper City is a pet-friendly community that welcomes furry companions, allowing residents to truly feel at home. Please feel free to ask us about our pet-friendly accommodations.

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Where You Live A Full Life

At Arbor Terrace Cooper City, you'll partake in events that link you to neighbors and the local community. Our monthly social calendars are exciting and lively, full of opportunities to meet others, help others, learn and revisit hobbies. Whether it's small or large groups, you'll certainly discover something to enjoy and a new friend to relish it with.

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Where You Have Piece of Mind

Say farewell to household chores and embrace a lifestyle centered on wellness, fitness, and social connections. Our programs are tailored to ensure you feel your best, and our compassionate professionals are always available to provide quick assistance during emergencies or lend a steady hand. Whether you face any challenges or limitations, we are here to offer support. So, take a deep breath, unwind and feel at home.

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group of senior citizens taking a group photo together
Where You Become Family
group of senior citizens sharing a plate of food smiling
Where You Live A Full Life
elderly woman in yellow shirt smiling at dinner table
Where You Have Piece of Mind

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A Community Designed Just for You

Our vibrant senior community caters to residents of diverse interests, abilities, and preferences. We've added all the necessary elements to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is both comfortable and inviting. With spacious apartments and a variety of community spaces, you can entertain guests or simply unwind in style. Our wellness center provides guidance for a healthy lifestyle, while the on-site beauty salon and spa offer a chance for relaxation and self-care. You can also explore and enjoy the many outdoor spaces safely. At Arbor Terrace Cooper City, you'll have all the luxuries you desire in a cozy and comfortable environment.

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At Arbor Terrace Cooper City, you can easily find everything that suits your wants and needs. We offer a range of options for your current and future requirements, all located on a single campus.

Assisted Living

With additional assistance and peace of mind, you can feel confident in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.

Memory Care

Tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors living with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia, we provide a safe and comfortable environment where residents can form meaningful relationships.

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Why Arbor Terrace Cooper City

At Arbor Terrace Cooper City, we take pride in creating a community that caters to your needs and celebrates your abilities and preferences. With a dynamic event calendar and award-winning dining services, we offer the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, supported by our highly trained staff who provide the necessary assistance.

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Getting Started FAQs

What are the benefits of living at Arbor Terrace Cooper City versus living at home?

While aging at home may seem like an ideal option, it may not always be the safest or most beneficial for older adults. Issues such as accessibility, socialization, isolation, and overall wellness can arise. That's where senior living communities like Arbor Terrace Cooper City come in, providing specially designed care and attention for seniors. With a focus on accommodating the diverse needs of older adults, every detail has been thoughtfully built with their well-being in mind.

In addition to tailored accommodations, Arbor Terrace Cooper City offers a variety of activities, events, and programming to foster socialization and meaningful connections among residents and staff. The community's team members are available 24/7 to assist with medication management, personal care tasks, and other services. They are familiar with each resident and their preferences, ensuring personalized care and attention.

Arbor Terrace Cooper City offers assisted living, memory care, and the Bridges program, providing support when needed. Whether you require assistance with daily tasks or specialized memory care, the community has the resources to help you live life to the fullest.

How much does senior living cost in Florida?

The cost of senior living in Florida varies depending on the level of care needed and the location of the community. According to Genworth's Cost of Care Survey, the median monthly cost for assisted living in Florida is $3,700, while memory care can range from $3,095 to $6,195 per month. Skilled nursing care, on the other hand, has a median cost of $9,243 per month for a semi-private room and $10,175 per month for a private room. It's important to keep in mind that these costs may vary based on individual needs.

What is memory care?

Memory care is a lifestyle program that is specifically designed for those with Alzneimer’s disease, memory impairment or other forms of dementia. It is either provided as a service in a separate area of an assisted living community or offered on its own. 

What is the cost of memory care in Florida?

The cost of memory care in Florida can vary based on several factors, including location and level of care. According to, the average cost of memory care in Florida ranges from $2,795 to $8,800 per month, with a median cost of $4,190 per month. These costs may be influenced by factors such as the size of the community, the amenities offered, and the level of care provided. It's important to research various memory care communities and their specific pricing structures to determine the best option for your needs and budget.

How are memory care services different from assisted living services in Cooper City, Florida?

Both assisted living and memory care provide essential support for older adults with various health concerns, including cognitive impairments. Memory care, however, specializes in caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia by offering dementia-friendly activities and employing staff who are trained in addressing the psychological and physical effects of cognitive decline. For more information on the key differences between these options, check out our blog post at The Arbor Company.

If you have any questions about senior living options at Arbor Terrace Cooper City or need assistance in determining which option is best suited for you or your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to provide guidance and support.

Does Medicare cover the cost of assisted living in Florida?

Medicare in Florida typically does not cover the non-medical care costs that are associated with independent living or assisted living. Medicare coverage is generally limited to short-term stays in skilled nursing or rehabilitation facilities for individuals who are recuperating from an illness or injury.

What’s the difference between Arbor Terrace Cooper City and a nursing home in Broward County, FL?

At Arbor Terrace Cooper City, we believe in creating a welcoming and familiar environment for our residents. Our assisted living community offers private apartments and encourages independence, so some of our residents even drive their own cars, prepare meals and come and go as they please. We provide dining, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and a variety of other world-class amenities that The Arbor Company is known for. Our staff is available round the clock to offer assistance when required, making assisted living an ideal choice for seniors who need extra support with daily tasks.

In contrast, a nursing home or skilled nursing facility offers a more clinical environment and provides more comprehensive support to seniors with extensive medical needs. They offer 24-hour care to seniors with complex medical conditions who require hands-on assistance and monitoring. Skilled nursing facilities are the best option for seniors who require assistance with tasks that go beyond daily activities. However, at Arbor Terrace Cooper City, we strive to provide an assisted living community that feels like home, allowing our residents to maintain their independence while receiving the support they need.

What's Happening at Arbor Terrace

Mardi Gras!


Throwback Thursday!

Check out our fun Mardi Gras celebration with our residents and their loved ones!

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800 Award


Arbor Terrace Cooper City is excited to announce we are recipients of the Reputation 800 Award! This award recognizes organizations with the gold standard of customer service and satisfaction. 

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Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's day! Love is in the air! We had the most enjoyable evening with music and sweets.

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Greeting Cards 4 You


Greeting Cards 4 You is a Friday class that allows residents to create their own cards and send them to their cherished families and friends!

It brings us back to the snail mail days of homemade expressions from the heart as well as providing moments of creativity, laughter, and social engagement with a stamped envelope and a smile.

See the photos!

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