When it comes time to consider seeking assistance for activities of daily living (ADLs) for yourself or a loved one, you might be wondering about the cost. The decision whether to make the move to assisted living in Cooper City or stay at home has many factors to consider. From finding a community for socialization and peace of mind to weighing the financial cost, we understand that this is not a decision to take lightly. As you look into senior living in Cooper City, it’s important to first analyze the cost.

Understand Assisted Living

Before comparing the cost of moving to an assisted living community and staying at home, it’s crucial to grasp what exactly is offered in assisted living. Most assisted living communities offer amenities that simply are not found at home. A few include 24-hour emergency call systems, engaging activities, community dining, around-the-clock professional staff, and trained professionals to help with daily living tasks and care needs. While staying home might sound like the familiar option, moving to assisted living has numerous benefits.

Cost Factors in Assisted Living

Now that we have covered the essentials of what assisted living communities offer, we can better break down the cost factors involved. Typically, assisted living in Cooper City requires a monthly rental fee. This covers an apartment that can be decorated and made to feel just like home. In the Cooper City area, the average cost of assisted living is $3,500 per month. It’s also important to consider the cost of your or your loved one’s level of care. This fee will depend on the medically determined care level needed.

Aging in Place at Home

For those desiring to stay at home and age in place, there are a few key factors to consider. While this may feel like the more comfortable option, it can take a financial toll. For instance, in a home, the maintenance, repairs, lawn care, and other household fees can add up. For seniors desiring a more carefree lifestyle, managing these bills can become a burden. In an assisted living community, many fees are included in the monthly fee, and household maintenance and stress become a thing of the past.

Quality of Life Considerations

Financial considerations may be top of mind, but there are other things to think about when deciding between assisted living and staying at home. Aside from the budgeting aspect, you or your loved one may crave social interaction—or at least the option to do so. In assisted living and memory care in Cooper City, residents have the opportunity to enjoy meals with friends, participate in activities with neighbors, and get to know the friendly staff. Staying in a home alone can become isolating. Also, living in assisted living ensures that your or your loved one’s needs are always met. 

Cost Comparison of Assisted Living Vs. Staying at Home

With a few of the important details to weigh when thinking about the big life decision of moving to a senior living community, it’s a great idea to write all the financial details down and compare them, side by side. Our Senior Living Cost Calculator is the perfect tool to use when weighing the two options. All you have to do is fill in your current costs for your household or your loved one’s, and then add in the level of care you think is appropriate. From there, you’ll get a clear understanding of the difference in cost between staying at home or making the move to assisted living in Cooper City.

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