Naples Florida is well known for its warm climate, beautiful beaches, golf, and close proximity to excellent healthcare, many restaurants, shopping and entertainment, making this seaside city the perfect place for seniors to live.

If you’re considering an assisted living community, there’s a lot to consider so you feel confident you or your loved one will receive excellent care. One overlooked area to explore is how well designed the environment is. These elements play a critical role in how comfortable you or your loved one will be in their new home and contribute to a positive and supportive atmosphere. Here are some features to consider.

Accessibility and Safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to an assisted living community in Naples, FL. If you are touring a community look for design features that only accommodate safety but are accessible such as wide hallways and doorways, handrails in common areas, and an emergency response system in each room. Other features you should look for include, slip resistant floors, well lit areas, both inside and outside, ramps, and elevators.

Private and Communal Spaces

Being able to manage social interactions and maintain privacy when needed is important. Residents deserve a living space that’s private and feels comfortable. On the other hand, dining areas, outdoors spaces, lounges, activity rooms, and other communal areas such as libraries, spas, and other spaces should be welcoming and encourage engagement and socialization between residents. 

Adaptable Spaces

Resident’s needs can change fast or gradually over time, make sure the community you are looking at in Naples, FL. has adaptable spaces that can accommodate varying levels of care, from assisted living to memory care. This flexibility will allow residents to age in place comfortably without needing to relocate.

Dining Areas

The dining area is often the hub of families’ homes, and that shouldn’t be any different in an assisted living community. Look for large spacious dining areas that allow residents a place to gather with friends over a cup of coffee, entertain, and feel as warm , comfortable, and inviting. 

Therapeutic Spaces

For residents who may need therapy or rehabilitation, having dedicated spaces for these services is crucial. If you’re touring assisted living communities in Naples, FL. look for  well-equipped therapy rooms, fitness centers, and quiet spaces for relaxation and meditation.

Engaging Activities

An active and stimulating environment is essential for seniors' mental and emotional well-being. The community should have well-rounded services and amenities to choose from not only outings but events within the community that are also tailored for families, library spaces, spas and salons, and more. All these spaces should not only be welcoming, but spacious and safe for all residents. 

Pet-Friendly Policies

Residents who love their four-legged friends should search for a community that allows them to live there and have designated areas for pets.

Caring Staff and a Warm Atmosphere

While not a physical design feature, the attitude and behavior of the staff play a crucial role in the overall ambiance of the community. Pay close attention to how staff members interact with residents. A friendly, warm, and attentive staff can make all the difference in how the community feels like home. 

Finding the perfect community to meet you or your family's needs is a personal journey, and it can be overwhelming at times. 

Our checklist Evaluating Senior Living Options simplifies the process, so you can focus on evaluating the senior living options you are considering, side by side.

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