Meet Rita Vetrano! At a vibrant 88 years old, she is a fun and loving resident at Barrington Terrace of Naples.

Before retirement, Rita worked in jewelry sales and as a religious educator at a school and parish. Rita did not want to retire because she enjoyed working so much. But now that she is retired, she enjoys hobbies like jewelry making and crafting.

Rita loves living at Barrington Terrace of Naples because it allows her to live close enough to her family so that she can see them regularly. Maintaining connections with her family is important, but she enjoys the freedom of socializing with fellow residents, as well.

One of Rita’s favorite memories is happy hour and lunch outings with companions. Her favorite saying is, "Over the lips and over the gums, watch out belly here it comes," when enjoying wine at happy hour.

“Rita is the life of the party,” according to Christie, our Engagement Coordinator. Another Engagement Coordinator, Michele, swooned, "Rita is loving, honest, and loyal. And is a good friend to everyone." 

Great friends like Rita and many other residents are what make Barrington Terrace of Naples a great place to live! 

Rita shared this advice for those looking for a senior living community in Florida, “I love it here. When my daughter was looking for a facility, I remember her saying ‘Ma, out of the facilities in Florida this is where I would live.’"

If you are interested in learning more about Barrington Terrace of Naples, call 239-775-5050 to schedule a tour.