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Focusing on fitness goals shouldn’t stop for those who move into a senior living community. In fact, wellness should become even more of a priority for seniors! Health and fitness in Miami independent and assisted living is all about participating in engaging programs, building confidence, and having fun. Mirabelle residents are experiencing the benefits of fitness programs firsthand. From preventing falls to increasing flexibility, our residents are chasing wellness goals one fitness class at a time.Through our partnership with fitness training company, AAAI/ISMA Fitness, we had the opportunity to offer a senior fitness certification training class to our team that is completely tailored to seniors.

A Focus on Active Aging

Our exciting new fitness programming has one overarching goal in mind: active aging. Active aging goes against the grain of the stereotypes associated with aging and ageism. This forward-thinking concept welcomes a new way of aging that includes promoting all seven dimensions of wellness, which are: physical, social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, vocational, and environmental wellness.

Active aging encompasses nine principles:

  1. Populations: the population that requires these diverse solutions

  2. People: the people who bring these solutions to seniors

  3. Perceptions: doing away with negative stereotypes surrounding aging

  4. Potential: how businesses are adapting to this influential population

  5. Products: the services and products that must be customized to meet the needs of seniors

  6. Promotions: seniors have become a key target market

  7. Places: environments must be suitable for seniors to support active aging

  8. Policies: the protection of the rights of inclusive policies for seniors

  9. Programs: the dimensions of wellness that serve as the anchor

Fitness Program at Mirabelle

Health and Fitness in Miami independent and assisted living brings excitement and joy to residents. Instead of offering programs where residents sit and live sedentary lifestyles, we want to bring a variety of opportunities to move and stay active and healthy. Within our active aging program, we offer group classes like Tai chi, yoga, balance, dance, deep breathing, wellness talks, and education on the importance of staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet. To reinforce the importance of hydration, we always pass out water during the fitness classes to encourage all attendees to stay hydrated throughout class. 

Top Benefits of Active Aging at Mirabelle

We’re receiving amazing feedback about the new fitness program! These tailor-made classes help to build confidence in our independent and assisted living residents. When they notice their progress from the first time they tried a fitness class, it brings them joy to see just how far they’ve come. Not only does the fitness program encourage active living but it plays a large role in developing deep connections. Residents meet, share a laugh, have conversations, and get to know each other all through the fun of fitness.  

A few other benefits of active aging include lowering blood pressure, a better ability to walk up steps, losing weight, and so much more. We can’t wait to welcome even more residents into the fitness engagement activities. 

Residents at Mirabelle are living a more active lifestyle thanks to our newly implemented tailor-made fitness programs for seniors. Reduced stress, more smiles, better balance, and so much more is in store for those who join our exciting wellness activities.

To learn more about the fitness program at Mirabelle, schedule a personalized tour today! 

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