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Senior Living Options How Does Mirabelle Elevate Senior Living?

When it comes to luxury senior living, there are many things to take into consideration. Especially when senior living communities aren’t what they used to be. With experienced operators such as The Arbor Company elevating all standards of senior living, seniors now have the opportunity to upgrade their lifestyle to a luxurious, stress-free and “all inclusive” concept.

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Senior Living Options Still Not Sure Where You Want To Spend The Best Years Of Your Life?

How about in the most luxurious senior community of South Florida - Mirabelle!? Mirabelle is located in Miami where the weather is ideal. It’s usually nice and tropical, making almost every day a great park or beach day. Regular temperatures are between 81 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s usually on the warmer end most of the year. Miami is known for having the warmest climate of any major U.S. city, so if you have any sort of arthritis or joint disorders, Miami is the place to be.

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Memory care, Mirabelle Community Blog, Miami Stay Cognitively Connected at Mirabelle Senior Living

  Here at Mirabelle, we have luxurious living options for seniors at every stage of life or condition, including Independent and Assisted Living. However, we also understand the need for cognitive care, especially as approximately 15-20% of people over 65 have some sort of cognitive impairment. That's why we're excited to announce that we're now offering Memory Care and Connected Living housing options for seniors in Miami!

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Active Senior Living Adventure Stay at Mirabelle

Are you curious about what life can be like at a luxury senior community, or are you just looking for a break from your normal routine?

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Memory care, Mirabelle Community Blog Book Review: The 36-Hour Day

To celebrate Read a Book Month, Alex Raftakis read and reviewed the book, The 36-Hour Day, by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins. Alex is the lead front desk concierge at Arbor Terrace Naperville, Mirabelle's sister community in the Chicago area. Her strong relationship with her grandparents and desire to enter a career that helped others influenced her towards the senior care industry. Her review, below, details her thoughts and experience reading the 6th edition of this helpful guide. 

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Mirabelle: Independent Living At Its Finest

Summer is fast approaching, and we're excited for all the fun that's in store for our residents here at Mirabelle Senior Living! There’s never a shortage of things to do. Here are five summer activities our Independent Living seniors can enjoy here:

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Community News Personalized Interior Design Services by Celebrity Designer at Mirabelle

Now, you can showcase your unique style with a professionally decorated home by an incredibly talented celebrity designer at Mirabelle located in Miami, FL!

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Senior care Making Senior Care Conversations Less Stressful For All Of Those Involved

Everyone has preconceived ideas, commitments, fears and even guilt that they carry with them. These things can make conversations about luxury senior living communities difficult to have. With such an emotionally charged topic, starting or picking up a conversation about Mom or Dad needing senior living services can lead to some serious consequences if the topic isn’t breached just right. Before you have this difficult conversation, take into account the following advice.

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Independent living Why Independent Living at Mirabelle Could Be Right for You

As you approach retirement, or as you continue to enjoy your well-deserved retirement lifestyle, have you wondered if there is a freer way to live without the burden of household responsibilities? Senior living — specifically independent living — offers older adults the opportunity to downsize their responsibilities without downsizing their lifestyle or social calendar. Here’s why independent living at Mirabelle could be your next great retirement decision.

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Community News Executive Chef Oscar Acosta Brings High-End Experience To Mirabelle, Shares Signature Dishes

Homegrown in South Florida but with experience ranging from upstate New York to San Diego, Executive Chef Oscar Acosta brings a background in high-end cooking to the residents of Mirabelle. 

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