Moving to an assisted living community can be an emotional time for everyone involved. Ensuring that the community provides quality care and support, as well as services to enhance the life of your loved one is the key to successful aging and peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

With its beauty, warmth and sunshine, retiring to a Miami, FL assisted living community is desirable for many. But outside of location, there are many services available to residents to enjoy and benefit from, focused on wellness, socialization and safety.  

Individualized Care Plans

An individualized care plan is the foundation to successful aging at an assisted living community. A detailed care plan that understands the resident’s background and preferences in addition to their health care needs is the cornerstone to great care. This allows the care professionals an opportunity to get to know the resident—their history, their likes and dislikes, and their goals—to provide tailored care. 

Care plans are developed by a licensed nurse and care professionals. Development of a detailed care plan may also include participation from the chef and engagement director to ensure that all aspects of life are accounted for. 

Family members are invited and encouraged to participate in the development of their loved one’s care plan, but also should feel comfortable knowing that their loved one is in trusted hands. 

24/7 Safety

With your loved one residing at an assisted living community, you should rest assured that your loved one is safe, with access to support all day, every day. A combination of an emergency call system and care professionals, mean that your loved one has access to support at any time. The care team at an assisted living community are trained professionals, led by licensed nurses who are dedicated to providing quality safety, and supervision. 

Professional Care

One of the most important services offered by an assisted living community is the professional care and assistance with activities of daily living tasks and medication management. Receiving care is deeply personal, and having an empathetic and trustworthy care team is key. Care professionals are especially trained to be helpful and supportive, while also encouraging independence as possible.

Endless Opportunities for Engagement

Through a robust engagement calendar, there are opportunities to increase wellness and socialization, based on the residents’ interests and preferences, every single day. A bright and airy fitness center will encourage physical activity, while game rooms will provide opportunities for fun, at any time!

An event calendar with opportunities to participate in a hobby, learn something new, explore sunny Miami or connect with friends old and new is sure to keep your loved one active and engaged. Residents will build new relationships and form new memories every day. 

Delicious Dining with Friends

Home-cooked, delicious meals are a highlight of each day at a top Miami, FL assisted living community. Consistent, nutritious eating can be a challenge for some older adults. However, regularly timed meals and menus at an assisted living community are designed to accommodate dietary needs and individual tastes, ensuring that there is something for everyone. 

An elegant dining room will elevate the dining experience, and provide luxury, every day. Mealtimes become a social gathering, with opportunities to connect with neighbors and spend quality time together. 

At a luxury, Miami, FL assisted living community, services don’t stop at the support with activities of daily living. No matter what’s most important to your loved one—physical care, fitness, socialization, dining—your loved one will find quality services to elevate and enhance their lives. 

As you start to consider assisted living communities for your loved one, make a list of what’s  most important. Maybe it’s a fitness center, a swimming pool, or a library filled with books. Keep this in mind when assessing your options, to find a community that offers the services that will mean the most. Use our Evaluating Senior Living Options Checklist to assess your care options in Miami and find the best fit for your loved one. 

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