There are many emotions and questions that arise when the time comes to transition a loved one into a memory care community. From wondering how to communicate the move and ease anxiety, to understanding how to best offer your support during this time of change, there is no easy way to move a loved one into a memory care community. However, there is a way to make the transition as healthy and seamless as possible. As you take the first step in selecting a luxury community in Miami for your loved one, here are tips to ease the process and make it a positive experience.

Start With Clear Communication

Communication is key, especially when it comes to moving a loved one into a memory care community. First, consider your loved one’s best time of day—a time when they are alert, positive and open to discussion. It’s likely that this is sometime during the morning and declines into sundown. Carefully choose a time to talk through the decision. You may even work with their healthcare provider to ensure everyone is on the same page when communicating the move and the reasoning behind it. Be careful not to cause anxiety with the build-up of the move or by sharing too many details that don’t quite matter at the moment. Stick to the important points and clearly present them with empathy and compassion. 

Find the Right Community

This tip might seem like it goes without saying, but finding the right memory care community where you know your loved one will thrive is crucial. Be sure to tour the community, get to know the staff and speak with the residents, if possible. Simply observing will tell you more than you’d expect. Are the residents smiling? Do they seem engaged? Are the staff members interacting with compassion and warmth? Also, ask about upcoming community events and see if you and your loved one can attend to get a real taste of the lifestyle before making the move. There are many benefits to look for when selecting a Miami memory care community.

Build a Relationship With Community Staff

One phone call with a staff member at a community is simply not enough. Take the extra step to build a relationship with key team members at the memory care community. With that, you can ask important questions to put your mind at ease, such as, “How will I get updates on my loved one?” or, “How will you help my loved one transition into the community?” Take the time to share your loved one’s history, hobbies, or interests to help staff truly get to know them. 

Make the Living Space Feel Like Home

The memory care community you select will be your loved one’s new home, so make it feel warm and inviting. Try to decorate the space before it’s even revealed to your loved one to generate a positive response. While you may not be able to pack everything, select those items and decorations that have meaning, such as framed photos, bedding and comfort items. From there, you can always introduce more belongings to minimize any sense of overwhelm or stress. Also, consider prepping your loved one’s favorite music on a CD or any easy-to-play method. Music is soothing and can help relieve the anxiety of the major life change.

Have Patience in the Process

Having the right mindset and expectations can ease this important transition for both you and your loved one. Recognize that this move will be challenging, but don’t forget that it will get easier. It just takes time. Allow for a transition period before making any firm conclusions on how your loved one’s outlook and lifestyle will be at a memory care community. Also, be prepared for some not-so-great days and give both yourself and your loved one grace. This is not always easy, but remind yourself that this is the right choice and that your loved one will receive compassionate care and support throughout.

Ask Family and Friends for Support

During this important transition, you don’t have to take it all on your own shoulders. Aside from connecting with staff members at the memory care community, call on your family, friends and neighbors to help – if nothing else, the emotional support will be beneficial. Maybe you plan to visit your loved one once a week, so why not set up a schedule with other close family members to do the same? This will give everyone a chance to visit individually with your loved one and give you better peace of mind that your loved one has a consistent rotation of friendly, familiar faces. 

Stay Connected

It’s important not to move your loved one into a memory care community and then return to your normal daily schedule immediately. If possible, take some time off in the beginning to schedule visits and have time to process the changes. Joining your loved one for community events, activities and even meals is a great way to remain involved in their life and show your support. 

Moving a loved one into a memory care community in Miami is a big transition that requires adequate preparation and realistic expectations. Just as it may be overwhelming for seniors making the move, it can also be stressful for caregivers who are making important decisions, planning, touring communities, and ensuring their loved one has the absolute best care possible.

We get it. At Mirabelle, a luxury senior living community in Miami, our compassionate staff is here with you every step of the way to help with the smoothest transition possible.

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