When starting to think about assisted living options and what you want your future to look like, you do not need to sacrifice the amenities, comforts, and luxury that make home feel like home. When it comes to choosing the right luxury Miami assisted living community, it is helpful to think about the elevated details that are most important to you and make a list to guide you along the way.  The 10 tips below are essential to keep in mind.  If you know what you are looking for, it will help you narrow down your options to find the perfect community that fits your lifestyle.

1. Start Online

Each community's website will highlight unique features, amenities, services, and personalized care choices. Reading over all these options makes the internet the right place to begin. You can quickly access information about each luxury Miami assisted living community by researching online to build your must-have list. Easily compare your options to ensure they align with your wishes, and then choose which luxury communities you want to tour in person. 


2. Pay Attention to the People in the Community

How people engage with each other should give you a feeling about how it will be to live there. While you are on your tour, look around and listen. Notice how the residents are interacting with the staff and with each other. Talking to the residents or visiting during an event is also a great way to get a feel for what it is like to live in a certain community.


3. Review the Services 

The comforts of your day-to-day life can be elevated through the exceptional services offered. Consider a community with concierge services that offer access to nearly anything you need or want. 24-hour front desk teams, valet parking, car service, personal laundry, and housekeeping are just a few of the options available. Your day-to-day life should be relaxing and enjoyable.


4. Know The Amenities That Are Important To You

Be sure to think about which luxury amenities are on your must-have list and assess them when you are on your tour. Many senior living communities offer plenty of common spaces, such as living rooms, libraries, and clubhouses, but do not sacrifice if you are looking for additional options such as a pool, wine bar, bistro, gym, or in-house hair salon. These luxuries are possible!


5. Events and Happenings to Enhance your Life 

Luxury communities create opportunities to elevate your life. The community’s events, trips, and activities should align with your passions in life. Plus, getting involved will help you connect with others and feel more at home. Make sure to check out each community’s events calendar—you should be able to find plenty of opportunities to try something new and have fun. 


6. Experience Life Around the Table

Restaurant-style dining prepared by a team of chefs can certainly make meals enjoyable. Become familiar with the dining options by visiting during a meal. This will also allow you to get a feel for what the overall dining experience will be like. Food and nutrition may be especially important if you have dietary restrictions or need accommodations because you will want to find chefs who take inspiration from your considerations into every menu.


7. Consider the Lifestyle You Want to Live

Think about what makes your life unique and what brings you joy. These do not need to be sacrificed as you transition to the next stage of your life. Spending time with friends and family may be a top priority, and you may want to look for a community that encourages visitors to come whenever they like and to eat together with you. Find a community that embraces the lifestyle you want with your friends and family. You deserve to live your life the way you want to. 


8. Floor Plans for You

In most luxury assisted living communities, there will be more than just a few floor plans to choose from.  Walk through as many floor plans as you can to see if you can imagine yourself living there. Each floor plan is designed to meet a unique need and can also provide comfort, luxury, and convenience.  


9. Ask Questions About On-site Medical Care and Rehabilitation

It is essential that you find a community that can provide the right amount of care for you without losing the amenities and lifestyle you are accustomed to. Your medical requirements will be important to determine if the community can provide the support you need. Having extra support means having help when you need it. It might also be helpful to know that the incidence of dementia increases after the age of 65. You might find it beneficial to find a community with a separate memory care area should that need arise in the future.  


10. That Extra Little Something

Sometimes it is hard to explain in words, but you know it when you feel it. That extra little something that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and feeling your best.  Look for the small details that make a luxury community feel elevated, and trust your gut.  After your tour is over, talk with a trusted friend or family member about what stood out to you. You can find the independence you are looking for and have it all when looking for a luxury Miami assisted living community.

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