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Active Senior Living, Retirement Top 5 Reasons You Should Retire in Dacula, GA | Arbor Company

Located about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, Dacula blends the quiet comfort of suburban life with easy access to one of the South’s greatest cities. Whether you’re an Atlanta resident weighing a move to the suburbs or a senior in another state seeking the perfect community to spend your retirement, Dacula could be a great fit. Here are five reasons to choose Dacula.

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Caregiver Resources 7 Resources for Caregivers Near Dacula, Georgia

As seniors age, caring for them often falls upon their loved ones. Many family members willingly step into the role of caregiver even though they have no experience, no formal training, and little idea of where to turn for help.

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Independent living How to Find the Best Luxury Independent Living in Atlanta

Dacula is a beautiful suburb to retire to, nestled less than 40 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta in coveted Gwinnett County. Safe and cozy streets, outstanding dining, and eclectic shopping make Dacula the perfect backdrop for luxury independent living senior communities.

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Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease, Senior Resources, Dementia Resources 5 Dementia Resources Near Dacula, GA

Approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with dementia each year, according to research by the World Health Organization. But that number probably doesn’t mean much to you unless you or someone you love is one of those people.

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Senior living, senior living community What To Expect When You Go On A Tour of a Senior Living Community

If you or a loved one has decided that senior living is right for you, there are many options to choose from. You can learn a great deal about nearby senior communities by doing research online, and if you call them, they will be happy to answer your questions and send you a glossy brochure.

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Senior living A Day In The Life of An Arbor Terrace Resident

We all make assumptions based on our past experiences, and the older we get, the more we think we know what something’s going to be like. Sometimes, however, if we open ourselves up to new experiences, we may find we are pleasantly surprised.

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Dementia Care, Cost of Senior Living The Real Cost of Dementia Care in Dacula, GA

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, there is so much to consider. Not only does everyone need to work through their emotions of grief and worry, but there must also be a fair amount of education and planning in order to ensure quality of life and safety for the person living with the disease. In order to make the best decisions, you need to consider the cost of dementia care. Here’s what you need to know.

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Independent living How Arbor Terrace Has Changed Independent Living for Local Seniors

  Seniors around the Dacula area have a variety of senior living options to consider when entering retirement. Thanks to significant strides in the senior living industry, independent living communities are active and vibrant hubs of activity. However, not all independent living communities are the same. Each community is unique, just like the residents who live there. Communities offer a variety of amenities, resources, and services.

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Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia Care 8 Signs It's Time to Move Your Loved One to a Dementia Care Community

As we age, we often become forgetful. Seniors may have trouble remembering where they put their reading glasses, or they may struggle to find the right word when it’s on the tip of their tongue. They might occasionally pay a bill late or come home from the store without the one item they meant to buy. These are all normal signs of aging, and most likely nothing to worry about.

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Senior living The History of Dacula, GA

Dacula, Georgia, lies halfway between Atlanta, the state capital, and Athens, home of the University of Georgia. Many people who pass through may think of it as nothing more than a small, Southern city with a scenic downtown and an unusual name. But Dacula has a long, rich history that began more than 100 years ago.

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