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Congratulations are in order for the Arbor Terrace Peachtree City community, which recently received the Most Patriotic Award for its participation in Peachtree City’s Independence Day Parade. The community went above and beyond to ring in the Fourth of July holiday and celebrate their veterans who have served for our country -- all while riding in style in a beautifully crafted float.

The community’s parade design was the brainchild of the Arbor Terrace Parade Committee. Titled “Home of the Free – Because of the Brave,” the design was selected as a unifying concept to publicly honor the community’s 31 veterans who served with distinction in the military. Their branches included the United States Air Force, the United States Army, the United States Army Air Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Navy Reserve, and the United States Marines. The parade vehicle also showcased photos of the beloved veterans.

In addition, the parade entry was adorned with eye-catching red, white, and blue decor and was topped with a large, inflatable patriotic hat that added a crowning touch to the festive display. Several residents rode proudly in the parade to celebrate the holiday and the community’s veterans, waving cheerfully and tossing candy to spectators. The parade took place on July 3 and lasted until noon, concluding with a fireworks show.

“Being in the parade was wonderful and fun,” said Phyllis, one of the participating residents.

As a result of the award, the community was invited to Peachtree City’s July City Council meeting to be recognized for its contribution to the city’s parade. Mayor Vanessa Fleisch personally presented the award to the community at the meeting.

The community sends sincere thanks to all residents, family members, staff, and friends who participated in the planning, design, and presentation of their salute to their esteemed veterans.

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