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What's Happening at Arbor Terrace

2024 Pinnacle Award


Arbor Terrace Peachtree City is proud to be recognized for the 2024 Pinnacle Award in customer experience. Residents and families are interviewed and their experience is scored, and only communities that consistently rank in the top 15% of care providers over the previous year receive the award. 

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Our floral arranging committee is a fun way to work together, chit chat, and make our dining rooms even prettier!

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800 Award!


Arbor Terrace Peachtree City is excited to announce we are recipients of the Reputation 800 Award! This award recognizes organizations with the gold standard of customer service and satisfaction. 

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Happy Hour


How happy can a happy hour be? Well, there’s no tellin’!!

Our folks like to dance, sing, chat, and have cocktails (and mocktails) several times a week while being entertained by the area’s top talent!

Fan favorite, Peter Fodero, was back from his Florida sabbatical and was welcomed with open arms! His song list is long and his voice is amazing!

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Playing Cards


Our residents LOVE their card clubs! From Rummy to Hand and Foot, Canasta to Bridge, the shuffling machine is non-stop! Great friendships get formed around the card table. 

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Stitchin' Time!


The Engagement program added a new club this week called ‘Stitchin’ Time!' Not your typical knitting club, but more an opportunity for residents to get together to talk, laugh, and have a cuppa tea!

Residents brought their cross stitch, knitting, and crocheting projects but surprisingly 3 ladies came to learn to crochet for the first time! Why not? Folks left with their projects in hand, instructions, and an invite to come back and show the group their progress next week!

We see many awesome afghans and a wonderful ‘tight-knit’ group of fast friends in our future!

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