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Dining Services at Arbor Terrace Peachtree City | Arbor Terrace Peachtree City

Learn more about our awesome Dining Services from our lovely staff and residents through this video! Community Sales Director Courtney Knowles introduces everyone and gave them a chance to talk about what they like most about it, including some of their favorite meals.

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February Theme Dinner: Valentine’s Day Senior Prom

Last month’s theme dinner was a special one. Residents dressed up in their best prom attire, and some of our couples made it a date night and time to reminisce. Some residents even shared photos of themselves at their high school proms!

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Community News Resident Spotlight: Patricia, Book Club President

Patricia Wilson Heebner was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Her family moved to the countryside of Germantown and lived there for 15 years. As a child, she was an avid reader and loved riding horses on her family’s farm. Patricia remarked that she comes from the generation where after school, she and her friends would play baseball, explore the 20 acres of farmland and wouldn’t return home until the dinner bell rang. Patrica also had the privilege of attending Grier Boarding School, which is the oldest family owned, all girls college preparatory school in the United States. The foundation she received there prepared her for Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, where she majored in merchandising. At the end of the school year, she would also model in school run fashion shows, which gave her the opportunity to be the first model, in school history, to wear a bathing suit at one of their fashion shows.  

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Community News Associate Spotlight: Arbor Star of 2023, Rosemarie Miller

Rosemarie Miller was born and raised on a Caribbean island in Portland, Jamaica. At a young age, Rosemarie faced adversity because her dad passed away when she was only seven months old.  Despite the challenge of losing her father, she enjoyed a comfortable childhood and migrated to the United States in 1989. She came to Georgia in 2005 with her family, which consists of her husband and two daughters who are now 28 & 32 years old. Rosemarie also has two grandchildren, ages two and five. They are her pride and joy!

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Community News January Theme Dinner: Viva Las Vegas!

Elvis in Viva Las Vegas was one of our best theme dinners yet! We transported our residents to Las Vegas to see Elvis headline at our Arbor Terrace Casino’s dinner floor show. We decorated the community to look like a casino, enjoyed a delicious dinner of steak and lobster, and so much more. Residents even enjoyed taking pictures with our very own Elvis and Las Vegas Showgirls! Our Engagement Team did a great job with the centerpieces for each table. Ostrich feathers and electric tea candles help set the mood. Everyone was impressed by the decorations, food, poker table, and overall ambiance! They felt like they were in Las Vegas! Our professional Elvis impersonator came after dinner and did a fabulous job! He engaged the crowd and played a few hands of poker with the residents. The Spirit of Elvis and Las Vegas were definitely alive that night! This was a great theme dinner to start off 2023!

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Community News Resident Spotlight: Jeannette Turns 100!

Written by Carol Nolan, Edited by Tupua Ainu'u Jeannette is our most recent centenarian! She is physically active and attends many events. Some of her favorite activities are bingo and Sunday happy hour. Let's get to know this fascinating woman!

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Resident Spotlight Associate Spotlight: James Merritt, Maintenance Director

Written by Tupua Ainu'u Meet our maintenance director, James Merritt. He was raised by his grandparents in a small town called Colquitt in Southeastern Georgia. James is married with six girls. His resume boasts 25 years of maintenance experience, including senior living and Bellamy student living at the University of West Georgia. 

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Resident Spotlight Resident Spotlight: The Warholas

Written by Tupua Ainu'u, Edited by Steven Sanders Thomas and Yvonne Warhola are one of the newest couples to move into our community. We would like to invite you to learn more about why we refer to the Warholas as a power couple, what brought them to Arbor Terrace Peachtree City, and what they think their biggest achievement has been.

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Community News Resident Spotlight: Sun Goddess Jackie

Written by Kelsey Cornell, Edited by Tupua Ainu'u Though named Lois DeAndre at birth, many of you know her as Jack or Jackie. Her father always wanted a son to name after Jack Dempsey, the boxer, but instead, he had three girls. Henceforth, he settled into calling his middle daughter Jack and the rest of the world followed suit.

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Community News Associate Spotlight: Haley Welles

Written by Kelsey Cornell, Edited by Tupua Ainu'u Haley is our latest Associate of the Month at Arbor Terrace Peachtree City! Haley is not only our Engagement Manager, but she also looks over personal care activities on the second floor. She's going on three years at Peachtree City and has proven herself to be a valuable team player time and time again.

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