Patricia Wilson Heebner was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Her family moved to the countryside of Germantown and lived there for 15 years. As a child, she was an avid reader and loved riding horses on her family’s farm. Patricia remarked that she comes from the generation where after school, she and her friends would play baseball, explore the 20 acres of farmland and wouldn’t return home until the dinner bell rang. Patrica also had the privilege of attending Grier Boarding School, which is the oldest family owned, all girls college preparatory school in the United States. The foundation she received there prepared her for Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, where she majored in merchandising. At the end of the school year, she would also model in school run fashion shows, which gave her the opportunity to be the first model, in school history, to wear a bathing suit at one of their fashion shows.  After graduation, and shortly after starting her career as an assistant buyer for Bonwit Teller, Patrica met her husband through her brother-in-law. The two men played soccer together. Her husband, Charles Heebner, was a buyer of stocks and municipal bonds. They were together for 46 years and married for 40 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Alexadra and Susan, whom they raised in Connecticut where they enjoyed sailing, skiing and horseback riding. Her daughter rode horses for 20 years. Patricia also enjoyed riding horses until she was 55 when she had to stop because of a back injury.

Patricia and her husband eventually moved to Florida to enjoy their retirement. They spent many wonderful years there until Charles passed away in 2012. At this time, she decided to move to Peachtree City to be closer to one of her daughters. Patricia is grateful for the wonderful life she has had and says it’s a blessing to live at Arbor Terrace where she can continue her love of books—she is the President of our Book Club—and sing with our choir. She has a beautiful soprano voice and we are so honored Patrica shares her many gifts with us. 

Patrica may say it is a blessing for her to live here, but we are also so blessed to have her here as well!

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