Written by Tupua Ainu'u, Edited by Steven Sanders

Thomas and Yvonne Warhola are one of the newest couples to move into our community. We would like to invite you to learn more about why we refer to the Warholas as a power couple, what brought them to Arbor Terrace Peachtree City, and what they think their biggest achievement has been.

The Warholas love to play pinochle, a trick-taking card game for two or four players, and they are more than willing to teach newcomers how to win. 

Thomas grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania, and Yvonne grew up in Buffalo, New York. Thomas enlisted in the Army during the Korean War. Upon returning from war, he moved to Buffalo for work, where he met Yvonne, and that's when they got married. Yvonne was 18 years old, and Thomas was 21 years old when they tied the knot. They welcomed four children: Doug, Susan, Jeff, and Steve. 

Thomas worked for General Mills in the maintenance department and cut hair at a barber shop part-time. Yvonne sold women's clothing for Beeline Fashions home parties. Yvonne's career at Beeline Fashions was picking up so much she was promoted to a manager with a large team. Thomas also joined the company and became a manager for the Southern Division. That is what brought them to Georgia in 1974. While Yvonne was hosting women's fashion home parties where they sold jewelry, Tupperware, and clothing, Thomas was traveling two weeks of the month to visit other team members to help reenergize them and their franchises. They both worked hard and were very successful in Beeline Fashions. Because of their careers, they were able to travel all over the southern states, vacation in Europe, and have a winter vacation home in Florida. They enjoyed the fruits of their labor in so many ways. 

Through all their hard work and success, the Warholas agree that their biggest accomplishment is raising happy and healthy children! They moved to Peachtree City to be closer to one of their sons. They heard so many wonderful things about Arbor Terrace, and they were excited to join us! The reason we call Thomas and Yvonne a power couple is their teamwork in life and card play! We are blessed to have them join our community. 

Don’t be shy. Join them for a game of pinochle and learn more about this fascinating couple! Call us at 770-632-5823 to schedule a tour.

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