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Considering a new living situation is always a big decision. And moving to a senior living community can feel like an even greater step to take. You may ask yourself, how do I know when it’s the right time to think about relocating to a senior living community? Or perhaps you are wondering about this question for a loved one of yours.
Below, we’ll explore some of the top signs that this may be the right time for you or your family to look into senior living options on Chicago’s North Shore.

Sign #1: You Want To Do Fewer Chores

Most of us are used to taking care of many responsibilities each day. Chores like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or grocery shopping are all familiar routines. You may still be able to do them all yourself. But that doesn’t mean you enjoy doing them. A lot of seniors simply long for having to do less, so they can relax and enjoy their time. Would you rather fill your days with more things you enjoy doing? Maybe you want to spend more time with loved ones, pick up gardening, read more, or explore new hobbies. If so, moving to a senior living community might be the perfect fit for you. These communities have friendly staff and helpers available whenever you need them. They’ll take care of your laundry, cook delicious meals, clean your apartment, drive you places, and more for you.

Sign #2: You Need More Help in Your Daily Life

As we get older, some things may gradually become a little more strenuous for us. Do you have more trouble getting up the stairs to your apartment? Or maybe some corners in your bathroom are getting too tricky to reach for cleaning. Or perhaps you don’t drive yourself to places anymore. As we age, certain tasks just get more difficult, and having a little extra help can make all the difference. If you notice yourself wishing for more help in your daily life, this may be a clear indicator that you could be happier and healthier in a kind and welcoming senior living community.

Sign #3: Your Family Seems Overwhelmed

Perhaps you are lucky to have family members looking after you. They might help you with daily chores, taking care of your home, and other tasks caregivers would do. Many loved ones readily offer to care for family members. They want what’s best for them. Yet, many hesitate to voice their own overwhelm or concerns. If your family mentions to you, they can’t do it all themselves anymore, thinking about senior living might be a good choice to consider. Living in the safe environment of a community with great care staff and friendly peers can ease care duties for both you and your family. And knowing your loved one is safe and well cared for by trained professionals can give your family immense peace of mind.

Sign #4: You Want Better Food and Nutrition

Are you getting proper nutrition from your daily meals? Or would you appreciate more variety in your menu? Cooking doesn’t only take up a lot of time, but creating a meal plan that works for your unique nutritional needs takes a lot of effort and dedication. If you are tired of eating a bland diet or need better nutrition, this is a telling sign that a professional community with talented and creative chefs may be your solution. The most exceptional senior living communities on the North Shore offer wonderful restaurant-style dining for their residents. They have friendly waiter service, pleasant and inviting dining rooms, and custom meal plans for every resident. Their entire environment is specifically designed for seniors to thrive in.

Sign #5: You Need Accessible Health Care

One of the big benefits of living in a dedicated senior living community is that there is excellent medical and care staff available. There are fantastic senior living communities in the Highland Park area that provide health care and medical help as needed. A popular option for senior residents is assisted living which provides that little bit of extra help wherever you are. Another attractive care option is Arbor Terrace’s Bridges program which is designed for early and mild cognitive challenges. And then there is dementia living which is dedicated memory care for a loved one living with dementia. The great thing about living in a community with different levels is that should your care needs change, you can easily shift over to a different care option. And you are already settled on the community’s campus, and familiar with the staff and your peers.

Sign #6: You Crave More Social Connections in Your Life

We all need warm and trusting friendships in our life. If you feel that your social interactions could use a boost, a lively senior living community could be the answer. This is one of the biggest factors for seniors who choose to move into a dynamic community. You get to live in your own apartment but are surrounded by so many neighbors and cheerful peers, that you will never be lonely. In a senior living community, there is always a friend nearby who you can sip coffee with, have a chat about your day, or enjoy doing fun activities together. You can even plan a trip to explore Highland Park together! All with easy transportation provided by the community.

Sign #7: You Want To Do More Activities

Many seniors take pleasure in living a vibrant and active lifestyle. But they may not know which activities to join or where to find them in their area. If you notice yourself wishing you had more engaging activities in your schedule, don’t ignore that. A valuable benefit of living in a senior living community is that there are plenty of activities offered on campus. Many communities offer exciting activities and events, such as group wellness classes, game nights, arts and crafts projects, trips to explore the North Shore area with your neighbors, and much more. If you feel you are sitting idle more than you’d like, this could be a telling indicator that relocating to a bustling senior living community might be the right move for you.
Whether you are considering a senior living community for yourself or for a loved one, the above signs are all key hints that this may be the right time for you and your family.
Do you have more questions about senior living? What different types of living options are available, and how do you know which one may be right for you? We have a helpful guide for you that answers these and more questions: Senior Living Demystified. Download your free copy of the guide here!

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