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Choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one in Park Ridge, IL can feel like a monumental task. You want to make sure that your loved one will receive the best care possible. You also want to know they can enjoy themselves and will feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings.
You or your family may have an array of questions. You might ask yourself, what elements of a senior living community are the most critical to look at? What care and community details might matter the most to my loved one and our family? How can I evaluate different senior living communities and the care in them?
To help make your task of finding the right assisted living community a little easier, we’ll give you an overview of things to consider. We’ll describe the details that tend to matter most to assisted living residents and their families. We’ll also share valuable tips and considerations to observe as you research and compare different assisted living communities in Park Ridge, IL.

The Staff’s Attitude and Training

When you visit different senior living communities in the Park Ridge, IL area, one of the most crucial aspects to pay attention to is the community’s care staff. How professional and attentive are they? Do they seem considerate of residents’ concerns and wishes? Are they friendly and engaged with the residents? Does the staff seem to genuinely enjoy their work? Or does it seem like they’re just there to finish a task and be done with it quickly?
Don’t be shy to ask community directors about the training staff undergoes. What levels of care can they provide? Things in the lives of seniors can evolve quickly, and it’s important to know your loved one is in good hands, regardless of any future changes. The people in the community will play a tremendous role in how happy and comfortable your loved one can be there. 

Activities and Social Events

Nobody likes to be bored. Studies have shown that engaged seniors are healthier and happier. So, when you get to know a possible community for your loved one, take a look at their social offering of activities. Does the community offer different day or evening activities? Can residents invite their families to events, and enjoy seasonal or cultural celebrations? What about group exercise classes, or planned trips and excursions off of campus? The best assisted living communities will offer a rich and inviting social schedule for residents.

The Community’s Amenities

Take a closer look at the setting your loved one will be living in. Are there enjoyable features that would make your loved one’s life easier or more comfortable? Look for things such as housekeeping, laundry, and dry-cleaning services. How easy is it to arrange a car ride to an offsite doctor’s visit or for a shopping trip into town? The most praised communities even offer upscale amenities like on-site fitness centers, concierge services, and even cozy movie theaters!
Moving to assisted living doesn’t only mean help is available at a hand’s reach. It also means that your loved one gets to sit back and enjoy life more. Fewer chores and less hassle, more time enjoying the things they love.

Great Food and an Enjoyable Dining Experience

Don’t underestimate the food served and mealtime experience for your loved one. Having a variety of nutritious food choices available is important. But getting to enjoy meals and the entire dining event is an extra step that exceptional assisted living communities provide. Programs a cut above will create tailored meal plans and schedules for their residents. This includes lots of variety for healthy options, along with plenty of room for adjustments based on residents’ individual preferences and taste buds.

The Community’s Structure and Flexibility

It is essential the Park Ridge community you and your family ultimately choose suits your family’s unique needs. Ask them about their structures and processes. Can they make special accommodations based on your loved one’s situation? What about if your loved one’s care needs may change unexpectedly? What happens if your loved one wants to move locations to be closer to family? The best assisted living programs are designed to make their residents’ and families’ lives easier and more enjoyable. So, be sure to look for a community that provides ample room to create a living situation that works for your loved one and family.
Choosing the right assisted living community for your loved one in Park Ridge, IL is no easy task and there are many things to consider. That’s why we created a tailored guide for you. This guide can help your family understand all your options, and help you move toward finding the right senior living community for your situation and needs. Download your free guide here: Finding a Safe and Comfortable Living Community.

Safe & Comfortable Guide

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