14 Dementia Resources in Greenville South Carolina

Greenville is a great place to live, with beautiful autumns, warm summers, and temperate winters. Many residents enjoy an outdoor lifestyle of fishing and swimming, while others relish the exceptional shopping and dining of this growing city. If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, however, it can be difficult to take advantage of all that Greenville has to offer. Caregiving is a profound way to show your love for a senior, but it can also be demoralizing and exhausting. The following resources can help you and your loved one find your way through the challenges of dementia.

Caregiver Support

Don’t let guilt or shame guide your decisions. No caregiver can do it all alone. Trying to do it all can mean burnout, health issues, and more. These resources help you manage your own emotions so that you can better care for your loved one:

Advocacy and Legal Support

Dementia can make it difficult for your loved one to make good decisions. The right legal support can help you intervene when your loved one needs additional help. Sound legal advice early on can also empower your loved one to plan for the future. Try these resources:

  • One of the tragic realities of dementia is how vulnerable it makes seniors. Sometimes the most loving person in a senior’s life is shut out from providing them with care. South Carolina’s Guardian Ad Litem program appoints an advocate for your senior. Contact this program if you suspect your loved one is being abused, or if they refuse to allow you to help them.
  • The South Carolina Department on Aging offers a comprehensive Legal Assistance for Seniors guide that includes helpful forms, a link to discount legal support, and a helpline.

Senior Activities and Support

Helping your loved one stay independent and healthy can be difficult. These resources make it a little easier:

Senior Care and Living Resources

Caring for your loved one as their needs change is a dynamic and challenging undertaking. The following resources can help you give your loved one the best possible care:

The Gardens at Eastside offers assisted living and memory care. We’d love to be your dementia resource. We see dementia as an issue that affects the entire family. That’s why we work with families to ease the challenges of dementia caregiving and support you at every step of this challenging journey. We work with your loved one, supporting them in their efforts to continue leading a meaningful and joyful life, even when dementia threatens their independence and health. To learn more about what makes us unique or to get help, call us today!